Zendaya wins two Emmys, Lee Jung-jae refreshes history

    On the evening of September 12, local time, the 74th Primetime American TV Emmy Awards were announced. Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Michael Keaton, Jung Jae Lee, Oscar Isaac, Andrew Garfield, Sarah Paulson, Sebastian Stan, Julia Garner and more The nominees were in full costume, and Diego Luna, Rosario Dawson, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, etc. also came to the scene as presenters.

    "Battle of Succession" won the Best Drama Series Award, and the main creator took the stage to accept the award. People's Vision

    Among the drama awards, unlike last year's "The Crown", which dominated the awards, this year's awards are quite scattered. The all-important best drama series went to Succession (season 3), the second time the show has won the award. Another brace was Zendaya, 26-year-old who once again won the Best Actress Award for "Excited". Also worth mentioning is "Squid Game," a Korean drama from Netflix that continues to surprise everyone: Lee Jung Jae becomes the first Asian actor in Emmy history to win Best Actor in a Drama Series; in addition, Hwang Dong Hyuk It also won the Best Director Award.

    Zendaya won Best Actress in a Drama Series for "Excited." People's Vision

    Lee Jung Jae won the Best Actor in a Drama Series for "Squid Game". People's Vision

    In the comedy category, there have been several consecutive awards, including best drama "Football Coach", best actor winner Jason Sudeikis ("Football Coach"), best actress winner Jane Smart ("Desperate Writer") and Best Supporting Actor winner Bot Goldsteen ("Football Coach") are all the same as last year. Happily, Shirley Lee Ralph won the Best Supporting Actress award for "Elementary School", her first Emmy nomination at the age of 65, and her first win, of course.

    Among the limited series/anthology/TV movie awards, the biggest winner this year is undoubtedly "White Lotus Resort", which won five awards for best drama, best supporting actor and actress, best screenwriter and director. The best actor and actress awards went to Amanda Seyfried ("The Dropout") and Michael Keaton ("The Dose of Addiction") respectively.

    From the perspective of the producer, Warner Bros. Discovery Group, which owns many media organizations such as HBO, HBO Max, TBS, CNN, etc., leads this year's Emmy Awards with 40 awards. Streaming leader Netflix won 26 awards, Disney Group, which owns Disney+ and Hulu, won 19 awards, Apple won 9 awards for "Football Coach" and other awards, and Amazon won 7 awards.

    This year's Emmys were hosted by "Saturday Night Live" regular Kenan Thompson. He's on fire, showing all his comedian sting, from Netflix's stock price to the age of Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend. For example, referring to Zendaya, he said: "26 is an odd age in Hollywood, young enough to be a high school student, but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio." "Girl, you're brave," said Regina Hall, host of this year's Academy Awards, alluding to Will Smith's take on Chris Rock. Later, his "Saturday Night Live" partner, Bowen Yang, appeared to show attendees that he was actually the back-up host for the ceremony. Thompson asked him what could go wrong with hosting the Emmys, and Yang Bowen asked back, "Have you not watched this year's Oscars?"

    List of major award winners


    Best Drama Series: "Succession"

    Best Actress: Zendaya, "Excited"

    Best Actor: Lee Jung-jae, "Squid Game"

    Best Supporting Actress: Julia Garner, "Dark Money"

    Best Supporting Actor: Matthew Macfadyen, "Succession"

    Best Director: Hwang Dong-hyuk, "Squid Game"

    Best Screenplay: Jesse Armstrong, "Succession"


    Best TV Series: "Football Coach"

    Best Actress: Jane Smart, "Desperate Writer"

    Best Actor: Jason Sudeikis, "Football Coach"

    Best Supporting Actress: Shirley Lee Ralph, "Elementary School"

    Best Supporting Actor: Bert Goldstein, "Football Coach"

    Best Screenplay: Quinta Brunson, "Elementary School"

    Best Director: M.J. Delaney, "Football Coach"

    【Limited Drama/Anthology/TV Movie】

    Best Limited Series/Anthology: "White Lotus Resort"

    Best TV Movie: Kiki & Titi: Rescue Commando

    Best Actress: Amanda Seyfried, "The Dropout"

    Best Actor: Michael Keaton, "The Addiction Dose"

    Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Coolidge, "White Lotus Resort"

    Best Supporting Actor: Murray Bartlett, "White Lotus Resort"

    Best Screenplay: Mike White, "White Lotus Resort"

    Best Director: Mike White, "White Lotus Resort"


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