Forum|Golden Rooster Festival focuses on the Metaverse, 5G digital intelligence helps the new development of Chinese film industry

    On November 10, the opening day of the 2022 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the main forum event "5G Digital Intelligence New Era Metaverse Development Forum" was held in Xiamen. The forum is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the 2022 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, and jointly organized by China Mobile Migu Corporation, Xiamen Siming District People's Government, Xiamen Wenguang Media Group, and Fujian Mobile. Shan Jixiang, President of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society and Director of the Academic Committee of the Palace Museum, Zhang Pimin, Chairman of the China Film Foundation, Ren Zhonglun, Vice Chairman of the China Film Association, and Liu Xin, General Manager of China Mobile Migu Company attended the forum.

    Actively Embrace the Times "Migu Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Culture" was established

    With the advancement of the strategy of cultural power, how to carry on the value inheritance and technological transformation of Chinese films and cultural resources, how to speed up the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system, and how to tell Chinese stories and spread Chinese voices well have become the proposition of the current era. Representatives from all walks of life at the forum shared their wonderful views from the actual situation.

    With the theme of "Chinese Context and Cultural Confidence", Shan Jixiang, President of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society and Director of the Academic Committee of the Palace Museum, recounted his origins with Xiamen's Gulangyu Island at the forum, and made an in-depth exposition around the characteristic culture of southern Fujian. The dissemination of Chinese culture should be actively "embracing" with the times.

    Shan Jixiang, President of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society and Director of the Academic Committee of the Palace Museum

    Shan Jixiang said that he participated in the International Tourism Alliance's Dahe Civilization Tourism Forum in Hukou, Shanxi the year before, and one of the guests was a foreign ambassador to China. In his speech, he said proudly that his country has a civilization of 5,000 years. Two thousand years earlier than your China. "After listening to his speech, I was really broken. Even elementary school students know that we have a civilization of 5,000 years. Some people in the international community always think that our empirical civilization is only 3,300 years old. Even some so-called sinologists have said this for a long time. In his speech, he adjusted the PPT and told the story of the declaration of the Liangzhu site - a 13-minute expert presentation, and speeches supported by ten countries. civilization."

    He also introduced that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the World Heritage Convention and the 40th anniversary of the Law on Cultural Relics of Chinese Civilization, a protection system for famous historical and cultural cities in China. "The 44th UNESCO World Heritage Conference held in Fuzhou, Fujian was very successful, and Quanzhou entered the World Heritage Site with such a glorious history as China's maritime trade and trade center in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, so we think we should talk about it well. A World Heritage Story."

    "I visited the Gulangyu Historical International Community in Fujian. Many people think that Gulangyu is a beautiful island. In fact, it is not just a beautiful island. It is one of the earliest historical international communities in our country. The earliest islanders lived in some foreign countries. People took a fancy to this place and started building houses. After the return of overseas Chinese in the 1920s and 1930s, new buildings were built on the island. Medical facilities, educational facilities, and cultural facilities were very sound. The island’s formulation was very progressive, very enlightened, and very open Policies. For example, it is stipulated that dogs must be kept on a leash, and you cannot change your swimsuit at the beach. These have been formulated a hundred years ago. So we entered the historical international community, and we hoped that it will become a world heritage site. A good story of China, and repeated exploration to remediate the environment." Shan Jixiang said.

    At the forum, Shan Jixiang's expert team, Henan Satellite TV and Migu Company jointly launched the "Migu Research Institute of Chinese Traditional Culture" to jointly explore the innovative expression of high-quality traditional culture in the metaverse scene and empower the development of China's excellent traditional culture. Shan Jixiang said, "Through the positive energy value transmission of Chinese traditional culture Migu Research Institute to cultural heritage, we will tell Chinese stories well and better spread Chinese excellent traditional culture."

    "Chinese Traditional Culture Migu Research Institute" was established

    Liu Xin, general manager of China Mobile Migu Company, also said in his speech that after the Xiamen Municipal People's Government and Migu Company reached a strategic cooperation in July this year, the two sides actively promoted the construction of Xiamen Metaverse, and created a world culture during the CIFIT. The first Metaverse AR night view show in the heritage Gulangyu Island. As the official partner of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival for four consecutive years, Migu insists on combining leading technologies such as "5G+4K+XR" with film culture, and seeks a common direction for exploring the digital and intelligent transformation of the film, cultural and tourism industry. On the basis of successful cases such as the Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Metaverse and Gulangyu Metaverse, Migu will build the world's first Metaverse based on the new scene of "Gulangyu Metaverse", the first island of the Metaverse, combined with the cultural and tourism IP featured in the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. Film Festival.

    XR Film and Television Metaverse Factory, "To be a director, you must have an 'algorithm'"

    Throughout 2022, what are the characteristics of the ecological industry development of China's film industry? The answer is given in the film industry white paper "The Road to Strong Movies in 2022" jointly produced by the Daily Economic News and the Big Data Center of Wanda Film and Television Group. This is the third time that "The Road to Strong Movies" has been released at the Golden Rooster Awards, and it is also the second time that China Mobile Migu has witnessed this moment as an exclusive partner. From the observation of 6 dimensions and the judgment of 6 major trends, the white paper presents the development trend of the film industry in 2022 from a professional financial perspective.

    With the rapid development of 5G technology and metaverse construction, the film and television industry has ushered in more room for imagination. The subversive changes brought about by the collision between the film and television industry and the Metaverse will be transmitted to the four links of video recording technology, virtual production, distribution and communication, and movie viewing methods, thereby promoting the digital-intelligence upgrade of the entire industry chain. Thanks to the in-depth exploration in the field of film and television, China Mobile Migu released a metaverse solution for the film and television industry on the forum - "XR Film and Television Metaverse Factory Based on Computing Power and Cloud Rendering". Sun Xiangyun, general manager of Migu's Digital Solutions Department, said that the XR Film and Television Metaverse Factory has computing power and cloud rendering platform, XR virtual studio, film and television digital Homo sapiens, Metaverse XR production capabilities, ultra-high-definition naked-eye 3D production capabilities, and creative planning. Capabilities, immersive viewing sites, and eight capabilities for publicity, "will be able to better empower the film and television industry to transform into virtualized production, digitized production, and experience immersion."

    round table dialogue

    In the round-table dialogue session of the forum, Changjiang Ocean, the film and television production committee of the China Film Association, first spoke, "In the past, when we made movies, as a director, we only said that you have to have ideas. Are your ideas good? What do you have? Good idea? From now on, I want to add an 'algorithm', which is high-tech technology. In the face of today's situation, a different era and a different method can give film directors the weapons, The available resources greatly enrich the creation of future films.”

    Jiang Haiyang said that in 2019, "The Climber" produced by Shanghai Film Studio was a producer sent by the factory at that time. "This film cannot be made with traditional shooting methods, it will definitely not be completed, or even impossible to make. After taking the task, the film must be handed in on September 20 (that year), because it is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The three state-designated films A gift film. In the film, 90% of the content is about climbing Mount Everest, but it is impossible for the film crew to go to Mount Everest to film."

    China Film Association Film and Television Production Committee Yangtze River Ocean

    "We were filming in a quarry in Tianjin. It can be said that we did not go to Mount Everest for a day, but when you watch this movie, you probably never imagined that 90% of the content is about Mount Everest. , actually not filming in the Mount Everest area?! This incident shocked me very, very much." Jiang Haiyang emphasized at the end of his speech that no matter how technology and finance develop, no matter how new technologies are developed, people must come up with them, and ultimately rely on people. to execute. "So cultivating talents is an inescapable responsibility in any era. Today's film and television talents must be compound talents who have both ideas and algorithms."


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