The Retrospective Exhibition of Danish Film Master Carl Theodor Dreyer's Works Will Be Opened Soon

    In November, the Shanghai Art Film Festival officially returned. Following the hard-to-find German Masters Exhibition, from November 26th to December 11th, "Carl Theodor Dreyer Works Retrospective Exhibition" will be screened at the Majestic Theater and the Daguang Cinema. With the strong support of the Beijing Danish Cultural Center, this screening will comprehensively present to the audience the works of Carl Theodor Dreyer, one of the greatest Danish film directors, with a total of 21 feature films and short films.

    Carl Theodore Dreyer

    Dreyer's works span the era of silent films and sound films, and cover a wide range of subjects. Dramas, thrillers, comedies, romances, etc. have all become classics in his hands. This retrospective not only covers his early silent film debut and later sound films, but also brings to the audience his rare short films for the first time.

    The screening list includes seven short films directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer between 1942 and 1954, especially his earliest surviving work, the newsreel " The Arrival of Dr. Cook". In addition, Dreyer's directorial debut of a feature film, "The Presiding Judge", which tells the reincarnation of three generations of an aristocratic family, "The Judge", the classic silent comedy "Lady Marguerite's Fourth Wedding", "The Lord of the House", The classic silent film epics "The Satanic Diary" and "The Marker", the silent film masterpieces "Michael" and "Glorda's Bride", as well as "The Passion of Joan of Arc", which is recognized as one of the greatest silent films in film history, will be comprehensively presented. Showcasing the different creative styles of the Danish film master Dreyer in his life, enriching the audience's experience on the big screen.

    Stills of "The Judge"

    It is worth mentioning that the films shown in this retrospective exhibition are all digitally restored versions, which meet the high-standard needs of movie fans to watch on the big screen. At the same time, in order to give back to the audience for their support for the Shanghai Art Film Alliance, all short films will not be screened separately. Instead, joint screenings are arranged after screenings of some of the feature films. Except for "The Passion of Joan of Arc", the other films in this retrospective exhibition are equipped with Chinese embedded subtitles specially produced by Shanghai Art Film Alliance and Beijing Danish Cultural Center for this film exhibition, which makes the audience feel more comfortable when watching the film. for input.

    Stills of "The Passion of Joan of Arc"

    Film Masters Exhibition is one of the most attractive screening brands of Shanghai Art Film Alliance. It has previously held Kubrick Retrospective, Polanski Retrospective, Herzog Retrospective, Japanese Film Masters Exhibition, The Masters Exhibition, Russian Film Masters Exhibition, Italian Film Masters Exhibition and many other screenings were deeply loved by the audience. In the future, the Shanghai Art Film Alliance will continue to launch various high-quality film activities, create a high-quality environment for Shanghai film screenings, and serve domestic films and Shanghai audiences.

    【Video Introduction】

    The Judge (Præsidenten, 1919)

    Dreyer's classic silent film, also his debut feature film, tells the story of an aristocratic father at the turn of the century who, in the last days of his life, confesses to his son Karl Victor the mistakes he made in his youth. It turned out that his father had impregnated a civilian girl, and Karl's grandfather forced him to marry her. Before his death, Karl's father made his son swear that he would never marry a commoner. However, with the passage of time, a series of more complicated reincarnation tragedies are slowly staged.

    What to watch: The gate of the mansion under the reincarnation of the century

    The Fourth Marriage of Lady Margaret (Prästänkan, 1920)

    The film master Dreyer's classic comedy tells the story of Sophren, a man who graduated from the seminary, and can only marry his fiancée if he becomes a priest. So he took his fiancée to a village to apply for a priesthood. Suofren stood out from the candidates by virtue of his ingenuity. Just as he was about to obtain this position, he was confronted by an unwritten custom of the village: after the death of the village pastor, his wife must marry the next pastor. When Sophren met Margaret, the pastor's widow who was older than his grandmother, he hesitated.

    What to watch: In order to make it easier for a sweet wife, marry an old woman first to keep peace

    The Satanic Diaries (Blade af Satans bog, 1920)

    The classic epic silent film by the film master Dreyer tells the story of the covenant between God and Satan through four stories that happened in different eras and different classes. , but as long as he fails in the temptation every time, he will be able to reduce the prison sentence for a thousand years. This made Satan very contradictory, and he began to implement his own temptation plan, staged one after another turbulent story in the world.

    What to watch: The Great Demon King also wants to be a good person one day

    The Marker (Die Gezeichneten, 1922)

    The classic silent film by film master Dreyer, adapted from the novel of the same name by the novelist Egger Madron, tells the story of a Jewish girl studying in a Christian school in Russia at the end of the 19th century, but she was discriminated against. When the girl grows up, she has a sweetheart. Because of a misunderstanding, she is wronged by the anti-Semitic businessman's son and classmates, and she is forced to drop out of school. The girl had no choice but to let her mother arrange a blind date with a man she didn't like, but her firm belief made her finally choose to escape marriage. Over time, social change has intensified.

    What to watch: Records of happy enmity in the great era

    Time Gone (Der var engang, 1922)

    The classic silent film by film master Dreyer, adapted from an ancient European folklore, tells the story of a beautiful but arrogant princess who has many suitors, but this princess scoffs at them all and imposes cruel punishments on those suitors who do not like her. Violent hands. Soon, another Danish prince came. He brought his servants, fearless of danger, and came all the way to propose to the princess. Although at the beginning, the princess humiliated him as usual, but the prince was not discouraged. Under the guidance of the old elf, he thought of a way.

    Highlights: Spicy Princess Taming Story

    Mikaël (1924)

    The film master Dreyer's classic silent film tells the story of Michael who has always been the queen model of the artist Zorette and the adopted son of the latter. The paintings in the image of Michael made Zorette famous, and there was an endless stream of people who bought his paintings. A female countess came to Zorette, begging him to paint a portrait of her. At this moment, she fell in love with Michael at first sight in the same room, and the two fell in love quietly. Michael even embezzled funds without telling Zoret to date. At this time, Zoret, who was kept in the dark, decided to create his last painting.

    Highlights: The end of love is loneliness

    The Lord of the House (Du skal ære din hustru, 1925)

    Film master Dreyer's popular classic silent film tells the story of macho Victor who turns a blind eye to his wife's daily hard work and takes it for granted, so his wife has to swallow his anger. One day, the nanny couldn't stand it anymore, and decided to let Victor's wife go back to her natal family to recuperate. She wanted to use her own methods to make Victor realize his mistake. When Victor came home from get off work to find his wife missing, he was devastated. He asked his daughter, where did her mother go? His daughter's answer left him devastated.

    What to watch: Who has the final say on this site?

    Glomdal's Bride (Glomdalsbruden, 1926)

    The classic love silent film by film master Dreyer tells the story of a young man named Thor who takes over the somewhat dilapidated family farm, but Thor has great ambitions and hopes to transform the farm into a large and prosperous farm. At the same time, he fell in love with Berit, the daughter of a rich farmer on the other side of the river. Although the two were childhood sweethearts, Berit's father arranged for her to marry someone else. Just as Berit's wedding day was approaching, she sneaked away to Thor's house. While escaping from marriage, Berit had an accident.

    What to watch: Thrilling turbulence self-rescue guide

    The Passion of Joan of Arc (La passion de Jeanne d'Arc, 1928)

    The masterpiece of film master Dreyer tells the story of Joan of Arc accused of being a witch in her final days. The judges not only asked a series of suffocating questions, but also tried to set a trap for Joan. Joan of Arc was tortured mentally and physically, but with a tenacious will, she always believed that she was on the side of justice. In this way, without violating her faith, she was sent to the stake. It won the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the National Board of Review Awards and the Best Film Award at the Faroe Islands Film Festival.

    What to watch: The most iconic works in the history of silent films

    Vampyr - Der Traum des Allan Grey (1932)

    Master Dreyer's thriller masterpiece, inspired by the supernatural story of Gothic novelist Sheridan La Fanu, tells the story of a young man staying in a hotel, and an old man mysteriously enters his room and leaves a parcel Put it on his desk, and point out that a certain woman must not die, and then disappear. The young man felt that something was wrong, so he went out. At this time, a strange shadow took him to an old house, where he met a strange country doctor, and things became even more weird.

    What to watch: Solve puzzles in ancient houses and feel flustered

    Day of Vengeance (Vredens dag, 1943)

    Film master Dreyer's classic love thriller tells the story of a young girl who marries an elderly priest in the 17th century, but in fact, their marriage is not as happy as it seems. The wife is restrained between the pastor and her mother-in-law, and is depressed all day long. One day, the pastor's son came back from school to visit his family. When the wife saw the pastor's son, who was about the same age as her, she was finally rekindled. Due to their irrepressible mutual attraction, both of them stand on the verge of ethical and moral danger. Won the top ten films of the National Board of Review Awards.

    What to watch: The eyes of the Danish goddess Lisbeth Mowen are both good and evil

    Words (Ordet, 1955)

    The internationally renowned masterpiece of film master Dreyer tells the story of a peasant family in a village. He has three sons. In the busy life, the boss's wife gave birth, but things were far from smooth as expected. Won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the Bodi Award for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, etc.

    What to watch: The natural light confirms the pious moment

    Gertrud (1964)

    The classic love film by the film master Dreyer tells the story of the singer Ge Chu who left his busy career husband to pursue his love. She wants to live a happy life with the young composer, but happiness always has a certain distance from her. At the same time, her former lover, a great poet, appeared in front of her again. He wanted to bring back Ge Chu, but she rejected him. The poet also told her something else, which caused Ge Chu to fall into pain again. Won the FIPRESCI Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival, the Bodi Award for Best Film, etc.

    What to watch: My sister boldly moves forward for love

    The following are 8 short films, interspersed with the above films and jointly screened.

    "The Arrival of Dr. Cook" (DR. COOK'S ARRIVAL, 1909)

    This film is a 6-minute documentary short. The story of explorer Frederick Albert Cook arriving in Copenhagen to a warm welcome. He is considered a hero because he was the first person to travel to the North Pole, and he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Copenhagen. Film master Dreyer appeared in the film as a reporter.

    The Good Mother (Mødrehjælpen, 1942)

    A 12-minute short documentary by film master Dreyer. Introduce the unique Danish "Good Mother" women's rescue organization in the form of fiction and reality, follow in the footsteps of a pregnant young unmarried mother, and see how the women's rescue organization helps her make choices, and makes the lives of women in need get better improve.

    Small Danish Village Church (Landsbykirken, 1947)

    A 14-minute popular science short film by film master Dreyer. From abstract to concrete, it introduces the past and present of the Danish rural church, describes the various materials used in the church in different periods, and introduces the different functions of different rooms, and popularizes the development of church architectural styles. Won the Best Short Film Award at the Venice Film Festival International Awards.

    Fighting Cancer (Kampen mod kræften, 1947)

    An 11-minute popular science short film by film master Dreyer. This government-funded film follows a doctor who takes care of three patients who have different attitudes towards their illnesses. In the form of pictures, popularize the stages of cancer disease development, and with the embellishment of black humor, warn everyone to see a doctor as soon as possible.

    "The Boat" (De nåede færgen, 1948)

    A 12-minute feature film by film master Dreyer. Using the first perspective of thrilling high-speed speeding, it tells the story of a pair of young people who are riding a motorcycle and want to catch a boat.

    Thorvaldsen (1949)

    A 10-minute short documentary by film master Dreyer. This film focuses on the great Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, and walks into the museum to present Thorvaldsen's various sculptures with close-up shots and divine soft light. Treasures add beauty.

    Storstrømsbroen (1950)

    A 7-minute short documentary by film master Dreyer. The film has no dialogue and is accompanied by a shocking soundtrack. Through different perspectives and slightly suspenseful strokes, the majesty of Storstrom Bridge is captured immersively.

    "City Within a City: Krogen and Kronborg" (Et slot i et slot: Krogen og Kronborg, 1954)

    A 9-minute short documentary by film master Dreyer. Kronborg, one of the most magnificent castles of the Nordic Renaissance, was once a strong military fortress. During a major renovation between 1926-1935, the secrets inside the walls of Kronborg were revealed. On the same location as Kronborg, there is another castle - Krogan Castle.

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