In pursuit of the details of the works, the awards of the 2022 One Minute Video International Competition are announced

    Committed to pioneering video practice and gathering top-notch works, the "One Minute Video International Competition" has ushered in its 14th year. On November 20th, the 2022 "One Minute Video International Competition" will announce the major awards, with 486 participants from all over the world. Five short films competed for the best "one-minute image" award, and finally five short films "34 Things About Hands", "Playful Fingers", "White Stripes", "Hum" and "Leotau Street" won awards in various categories; With the announcement of the awards and the screening of the award-winning works, the eight-month "One Minute Video International Competition" came to a successful conclusion.

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    The Organizing Committee of the "One Minute Video Competition" has so far collected more than 7,500 works of video artists from all over the world, and holds an award ceremony every year. In 2012, the project officially entered the special competition unit of Shanghai International Television Festival. Over the past ten years, the competition has become a video competition with international influence.

    The 2022 "One-Minute Video International Competition", co-sponsored by Shanghai Radio and Television Documentary Humanities Channel and the School of Design of East China Normal University, and undertaken by Shanghai Jicheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., has started to discover and explore in one minute since the opening of the call for films in April Video art and the infinite possibilities of life and the world.

    Stills of "34 Things to Do with Hands"

    The competition received a total of 486 entries sent by artists from all over the world. After more than eight months of TV, online broadcast and jury selection, the work "34 Related to Hands" by Argentine artist Juana Solasi Things" won the Best One Minute Award in the "Narrative Category"; Professor Wei Shaonong, Dean of the School of Design, East China Normal University, commented: The artist has recorded those subtle things that are easily overlooked by us, but happen every moment with his unique perspective. In today's fast pace, by recording the details of ordinary daily life and the relationship between our inseparable hands, the author makes us pay attention to these vivid but vivid things that we experience and repeat every day fun everyday.

    "Playful Finger" stills

    The work "Playful Fingers" by Dutch artist Laura A. Dima won the Best One Minute Award in the "Experimental Category"; the famous contemporary artist Mr. Ding Yi commented: The artist showed her fingers vividly and uniquely through the characteristics of video art For installation art works, viewers can feel the material and rhythm of fingers more clearly, the active elasticity and interesting sound effects make the work more vivid; the author puts a unique and interesting perspective into the experimental video shooting, resulting in A subtle sense of humor and a playful narrative form.

    "White Stripes" Stills

    The winner of the "Man and Nature" category was Chilean artist Mariela Sola's work "White Stripes". Mr. Wang Jun, Assistant Director of the Documentary Center of Shanghai Radio and Television Station, said: The work uses various artistic expressions such as shooting, animation, performance art, and sound, vividly and meaningfully expressing the theme of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. From shooting natural rocks and sky to hand-painted animations, the author describes the inseparable, endless and interdependent relationship between man and nature, and the music at the end is natural and peaceful, perhaps the author expresses it in a subtle poetic way Modern people living in the city have a long-lasting vision of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

    "Hum" stills

    Chinese author Li Xuan's work "Hum" won the Best One Minute Award in the "Animation Category". Mr. Chen Yiming, a famous artist and painter, commented: The painting style of the works is relaxed and experimental. "Hum" means humming, active, noisy, etc., which gives the works more divergent thinking and deep meaning. In today's noisy life, how can we break through the hustle and bustle and bloom a more splendid self? The author finally seems to have found the balance; the work presents the prelude, climax and ending in just one minute, which makes people feel unfinished.

    Stills from "Leotaustrasse"

    The best one-minute award-winning short film in the "Untitled Category" is Jeanne Rochet's "Lieotau Street". Mr. Han Qiyu, the art director of Shanghai Jicheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., said: On the empty real street, the artist swims in the VR game space. The virtual interface is compared with the reality. We see a different perspective when we are in the reality. People can't help but wonder, in the present when the concept of "Metaverse" is prevalent, will we be such a character in the real virtual world in the future; the seemingly simple and simple short film has aroused everyone's new thinking.

    Gu Jiming, the chief director of the competition, said: In the 14 years since the competition was held, looking at the characteristics of this year's works, it has brought us new dimensions and new visions; the capture of the context and texture of contemporary images, and the pursuit of the foundation of the works have always been the one-minute image international The competition is an inexhaustible source of cultivation.

    It is reported that the awards ceremony of this year's contest will be premiered on the Documentary Humanities Channel of Shanghai Radio and Television Station at 16:30 on November 20. The "Video Account" and "Kaishou Account" will be broadcast live simultaneously, and "Today's Headlines" and "Bilibili" will be launched simultaneously.


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