North American box office|"Netflix 2" received good reviews

    After experiencing a small blowout in the film market during the Martin Luther King Day holiday, the North American film market returned to silence last weekend, and only the new film "Missing" (Missing) from Sony Pictures was big It was released on a large scale, and finally the film entered 3,025 theaters across North America, and got a box office of 9.3 million U.S. dollars, ranking fourth on the weekend box office list.

    The film is the so-called sequel to the 2018 "Network Lost", but the continuation is only the stalk of suspense and horror stories told on the screens of various computers and mobile phones. There is no continuation of the story and characters. The main line is replaced by girls looking for The missing mother. The directors of the second part are Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick, who first directed the barrel. While the duo edited the previous installment, Anish Chaganty and Cypher Ohanian, the director and screenwriter of "Lost Online," have mostly stepped back this time, letting their ideas go. It was given to two newcomers in the film industry.

    "Network Lost Track 2" currently has 83% of professional film critics' favorable ratings and 91% of audience's favorable ratings on the film review collection website "Rotten Tomatoes". That's not bad for a sequel to a thriller. The production cost of the film is only 7 million US dollars, and profitability is not a problem. With such word-of-mouth and box office, I believe the film crew will continue this series.

    "Network Lost 2" is directed by two newcomers in the film industry.

    "Network Lost Track 2" has gained a good reputation from film critics and audiences.

    "Avatar: The Way of Water" still ranks first on the weekend box office list. The box office of 19.68 million US dollars in the sixth weekend seems to be slightly weak, but it is enough to bring its North American box office to around 600 million US dollars. The global box office is even higher. It has exceeded 2 billion US dollars, crossing the so-called profit threshold.

    Universal Pictures' animated films "Puss in Boots 2" and "Megan" ranked second and third on the weekend box office list respectively. The North American box office of the latter has reached 73 million US dollars. For a small-budget horror film, it's a success.

    With one week left in January, the total box office in North America has now reached $420 million, surpassing the $389 million in the entire month of January last year. The strong charm of "Avatar: The Way of Water" is certainly the main factor, but the successive releases of many new films including "Megan" also contributed greatly.

    On January 24, local time in the United States, the Oscar nominations will be announced soon. According to past practice, those literary films that are nominated will have a small jump in box office results in the next few days. However, since the outbreak, North American audiences' interest in such "Olympic" literary films seems to have never recovered, and this is also reflected in the box office results of the two literary films that began to be released on a small scale last weekend. "The Son," starring Hugh Jackman, opened to just $240,000 in 554 theaters; Jesse Eisenberg's directorial debut "When You're Finished Saving the World" "(When You Finish Saving the World) was released in 403 theaters and only grossed $140,000.

    "Son Trapped in the Mind" and "When You Finish Saving the World"


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