"Bear Infested: Stay with me "Bear Core"": the ambition of young domestic animation films

    Note: This article contains spoilers

    "Bear Infested: Bear with Me" (hereinafter referred to as "Stay with Me "Bear Core") continued the stable box office trend of the "Bear Infested" series during the Spring Festival period and continued to strengthen. The production level is compared vertically in this series It is also a top-notch work.

    After years of experience in the Spring Festival file, the producer has a clear understanding of the audience's viewing needs and expectations, so whether it is special effects production or plot design, they are familiar with it, and there is little possibility of "overturning", leaving it to the audience. The only suspense is whether it can innovate on the theme and give people a refreshing look.

    This episode "Stay with Me "Bear Core" is based on the theme of mother-child affection. Although the story still focuses on the adventure action plot of soft science fiction, the proportion of emotional drama has increased significantly, and the information density of the narrative has been appropriately reduced. It is more friendly, and it may be the most obvious one in the several "Bear Infested" movies in recent years. (Editor's note: Zigongxiang, a buzzword on the Internet, means "for children, for children". It means that there are no sensitive topics and bloody violence in the works, and the main audience is the younger age group)

    "Stay with me "Bear Core"" poster

    The juvenile characteristics of "Stay with Me "Bear Core"" are also reflected in the simplicity, clarity and brightness of the painting style. Although the hair of the animal characters produced by special effects is clearly visible on the hair, and the rendering of the important story scenes is delicate enough and costly enough, the facial expressions of Xiong Da, Xiong Er, and Mama Bear are more anthropomorphic; Too much unnecessary effort was put into facial modeling, and the pursuit of "resembling a real person" in character modeling and expression dynamics was abandoned (the modeling design of the villain Dr. Donghai is also very similar to the Lego dolls familiar to children). , just adapt to the needs of the plot. Subjectively, it may be for the purpose of saving production costs, but in effect, it avoids the sense of discomfort and oppression that may be brought to the audience by excessive information intensity on the screen.

    "Stay with me "Bear Core"" stills

    Even if some scenes in the film are dominated by dark tones, it avoids the teenage and adult trends of Hollywood animation films in recent years, does not emphasize the sense of depth of space, and does not use startling sound effects to heighten the tense atmosphere. "Stay with me "Bear Core"" is a movie that is extremely friendly to children. It may even be the most childlike and "harmless" movie among all the movies during the Spring Festival. The audience has any psychological burden and concerns before entering the venue.

    What the audience needs is a movie with a relaxed and happy atmosphere, with laughter and tears. It does not need to be educated in the theater, and it does not need to do brain tests in the theater. Those who are tired and just want to relax their nerves in the cinema.

    "Stay with me "Bear Core"" stills

    Compared with the previous "Bear Infested" movies ("Wild Continent" and "Return to Earth"), adult audiences may think that "Stay with Me "Bear Core" has degraded in terms of plot complexity and depth of thought. However, the emotional concentration of "Stay with Me "Bear Core" only increases and does not decrease, and the technique is more mature. Forcibly tear gas is capable.

    There are traces of borrowing from films of the same theme in the plot design of the film, but it has also achieved a breakthrough in domestic children's animation films to a certain extent. The robot identity setting of Mama Bear not only constitutes a reversal of the film’s narrative, but also echoes the family ethics and social moral concepts of the current era, emphasizing that the establishment of the emotional bond between parents and children is not limited to blood, but from healthy emotional dedication Equivalence with emotional rewards. This concept does not take "only mothers are good in the world" as a matter of course, but regards the parent-child relationship as a result of joint efforts and "two-way running". For children and parents, it is nothing less than a silent love enlightenment .

    "Stay with me "Bear Core"" stills

    "Stay with me "Bear Core"" still has some old problems that could not be solved in the "Bear Infested" series of movies in the past. The screenwriter still failed to find a better narrative method to allow the three characters Xiong Da, Xiong Er, and Bald Qiang to have enough room to play in one movie at the same time, but they could only barely realize the "same frame" of the three. The role of Bald Qiang is completely soy sauce in this movie, lacking a sense of presence. Several newly added characters are more like tool people to realize the progress of the plot. They have no meaning of existing independently from the plot of this episode. Obviously, they will completely exit in the next "Bear Infested" movie.

    Although this is a common screenwriting technique for the "Bears Infested" movie, which is called a series of movies and is actually an independent unit drama, the audience obviously expects that this series can form an organic whole that is linked to each other to a certain extent, rather than a year. Every year, the "bears" are similar, but every year, the "people" are different.

    "Stay with me "Bear Core"" stills

    Counting from the first big movie "Bear Infested" in 2012, "Stay With Me "Bear Core"" is already the ninth part of the series. In 2012, if a young audience who was in the first grade of elementary school walked into the movie theater to watch "Bear Infested" for the first time, then when he walked into the theater again this year to watch "Stay with Me "Bear Core"", he is already a person who is about to attend. Senior high school students in the college entrance examination. Small audiences will inevitably grow up, they may leave, but they may also come back, just as those who are children also become fathers and mothers. The audience helps the old and the young to enter the theater, and they can gain more than laughter and feelings. "Bear Infested", which has become the national IP, has capital, technology, and a basic market. As the leader of young domestic animation films, it should have further ambitions.


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