Can you buy a courtyard house after working for a few years? This is not in the plot

    In the past two days, there has been a post that has caused heated discussions. The content of the post itself is indeed explosive, especially in the current environment. If there is such a content in a TV series, it is indeed worthy of careful scrutiny.

    A screenshot of a post posted on the Internet, which received 66,000 likes in just over a day

    Every sentence of the post is precisely on the apex of the migrant worker's heart. "Poor people", "worked for a few years", "buy a courtyard house next to the North Second Ring Road", just take out your mobile phone to check the housing prices in Beijing, and then look at your monthly income. If you send a text message about your salary, you will definitely think that the screenwriter is writing all over the sky.

    Does the drama "All Wishes Come True" really have such a plot and lines? There are also discerning people in the comments of this post

    The "All Wishes Come True" mentioned in the post is a life drama broadcast on Yangba on March 9. It tells the story of two Beijing-born sisters, Sun Xin (played by Zhang Li) and Sun Xiang (played by Mao Xiaotong). Life, focusing on the flow of life, the life of the family is ordinary, there is almost no barrier between the two sisters, the elder sister is a beautiful and generous graduate student of Kochi, with outstanding ability and hard work, the younger sister is lively and cute, but her education is quite poor, because she likes to cook food , I have an official account with more than 10,000 fans, but I live in Buddhism, and my salary can only support myself. In a word, there is no dramatic conflict, and no strange character design. It is a drama that the whole family can watch together. "All wishes come true" is also the companion chapter of "Empty Mirror" after more than 20 years. The screenwriter Su Peng is also the son of Wan Fang, the screenwriter of "Empty Mirror". He just put similar characters into today to talk about the lives of young people in Beijing today. .

    This TV series has a total of 36 episodes, less than one-third of which have been broadcast so far, and I have not seen any plots related to the content in the post.

    Sun Xin and Sun Xiang are both heroines. Both sisters are working part-time jobs, neither of them are bosses. The elder sister is doing Internet front-end development, and the younger sister is working in a milk tea shop, but they live in a courtyard in Beijing (not the kind of mansion-style courtyard).

    As for whether the sisters are poor, at least in terms of travel expenses, they are just ordinary people. The younger sister always rides a bicycle to work, and the older sister does not buy a car. The mother played by Zhang Kaili is an elementary school teacher. In addition, the elder sister was anxious to find a job after losing her job due to her resistance to sexual harassment in the workplace, and the younger sister felt distressed after her bicycle was smashed. This also reflects that this is a family with a relatively ordinary income.

    "All wishes come true" screenshot

    The screenwriter even used Sun Xin's mouth to express the prejudice of many people that all the people living in Beijing courtyard houses are rich.

    "All wishes come true" screenshot

    All in all, "All wishes come true" itself has its own issues that can be discussed, but the screenwriter certainly did not write such an outrageous plot that "the poor can buy a courtyard house next to the North Second Ring Road after working for a few years".

    In fact, a misunderstanding that can be cleared up by just opening the episode and watching it for a while, why did it trigger such a heated discussion?

    First of all, I have to admit that the domestic dramas in recent years, especially urban dramas, have given people a strong sense of suspension, and the audience has already developed a habitual prejudice against domestic urban dramas.

    For example, in 2020, "North Ruins and South Yuans", which is also said to live in Beijing, is very suspended. Behind each protagonist is extraordinary strength. Some grandma lives in a well-decorated small villa in Beijing's third ring road, and someone casually meets her. A friend who had both sides presented the latest washing machine, and said boldly, "I will lend you if you have no money" and "don't ask for interest". Of course, this is an extreme case, but in a large number of urban dramas, the lives of ordinary people are often not seen. Even if some protagonists are set as migrant workers who have just graduated, the houses they live in are exquisitely decorated. Look at the loft apartment where the rent is at least 6,000 or more... This kind of dissatisfaction with domestic dramas has caused many netizens to forward them passionately without waiting for proof. They believe that the current screenwriters can write protagonists who ignore reality and everyone has money, or casual The protagonist who can buy a house with a little struggle. From a certain point of view, how many domestic urban dramas have created floating plots for the sake of drama conflicts or convenient writing, and the audience has lost confidence and trust in domestic drama screenwriters.

    In addition, keywords such as Beijing Siheyuan and housing prices in Beijing’s Second Ring Community mentioned in this post, intentionally or unintentionally, are also stepping on the current hotspots of housing prices. According to the content of the post, the ordinary Beipiao people live in line for an hour at Tiantongyuan to get into the subway, but there is actually a protagonist in a domestic drama who has worked for a few years and can go to the North Second Ring Road to buy a house? This gap makes people laugh and cry. Just look at Beijing housing prices, and you can understand the gap between wages and housing prices today. Ordinary families may have to empty six pockets and carry a 30-year mortgage to have the opportunity to live in Beijing. Buy a house in Shunyi or a more remote place.

    The post itself is a rumor. Netizens who open the episode and watch it will not be credulous and follow the comments. Seeing such content that every keyword is "hot searched", it is best to think more about whether it is phishing traffic. But the fact that its content can cause thousands of reposts and comments itself is a more concrete manifestation of young people's anxiety about housing and making money. It is also worthy of reflection by the creators of domestic dramas. Can our works be closer to the lives of ordinary people? Instead of habitual suspension, there is a decent decoration of the exquisite house at every turn.


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