"Thunder Shazam! Wrath of the Gods premiered in China, Lucy Liu wants to have the super power of Aquaman

    On March 15th, produced by New Line Films, the latest DC superhero movie "Shazam!" Fury of the Gods" (Shazam! Fury of the Gods) held its China premiere in Beijing. The leading actors of the film, Zachary Levi and Lucy Liu, even made a video connection before the screening to share with you the wonderful behind-the-scenes stories of the film. The film will be released simultaneously in mainland China and North America on March 17.

    "Thunder Shazam! Wrath of Gods poster

    The movie "Thunder Shazam!" Wrath of the Gods is directed by David Sandberg, starring Zachary Levi, Arthur Angel, Rachel Ziegler, Lucy Liu, Helen Mirren and others. The film tells the story of the boy Billy being struck by lightning every time he shouts "Shazam", endowing six gods with the ability to transform into an adult superhero Shazam and save the world.

    According to reports, in April 2019, the first "Thunder Shazam!" "Immediately after its release, it announced the development of a sequel film. The screenwriter Henry Gaydon returned to continue writing, and the hero Levi and director Sandberg also confirmed their return later.

    At the level of plot and characters, "Thunder Shazam!" Wrath of the Gods not only inherits the previous work, but also enters the game with an army of villains with absolute advantages. The dual combination of Nemesis and Monster Army makes the outcome of this battle unpredictable. There are also many easter eggs and countless laughs hidden in the film.

    Zachary Levi and Lucy Liu appeared on the big screen

    In the interactive part of the Chinese premiere, starring Zachary Levi and Lucy Liu appeared through the big screen connection. When asked about Zachary's understanding of Shazam's changes in the two films, he replied: "Billy in the first film is a 14-year-old boy who desperately longs for family and intimacy. In the second In the ministry, Billy, who was about to grow up, had to leave the foster family, and he felt very pressured by this, and at the same time, the three goddesses who came to seek revenge also made Billy have to accept difficult challenges."

    As Liu Yuling who joined the DC universe for the first time, she expressed that she was very happy to join the Shazam family. "For me, this is like a childhood dream come true. I also gained a lot of good friends on the set." What kind of super power does a DC hero have, Liu Yuling said that she would choose Aquaman.

    The two actors had a great time fighting in the film, and they did not hesitate to "fight each other" when they were connected to the scene. Lucy Liu plays Calypso, the daughter of Atlas, one of the ancient Greek Titans, who possesses the "power of chaos". In her eyes, Zachary is a "fitness maniac" on the set. "In order to maintain a super-elite figure, he not only exercises like crazy, but also pays great attention to diet."

    In Zachary's eyes, Lucy Liu is a big "foodie", "she is the person who is most familiar with the gourmet restaurants around the set!" The two main creators both agreed that the person who is most likely to become a real superhero is the other starring Helen Mirren, "Because she is really our goddess! Not only is she serious and responsible in her work, but she is also the first to arrive at the set every day, very dedicated."

    Helen Mirren in Shazam! Wrath of the Gods


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