What to watch this week|"Heart Protection" is still eye-catching, INTO1 fits and tears off the famous brand

    Editor's note: There are a large number of movies, TV series and variety shows broadcast every week. How do you choose, you might as well take a look at The Paper's recommendations.


    According to Beacon Professional Edition, "Guardians of the Galaxy 3", "Unfamiliar Life" and "The King of the Sky" unsurprisingly occupied the top three single-day box office on May 12.

    "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" poster

    After the melee in May 1st, the market has dropped significantly this week, and the single-day box office for several consecutive days has been below 50 million yuan. I don't know if it will improve over the weekend. Otherwise, this trend may continue until "Fast and Furious 10" is released on May 17.

    "Guardians of the Galaxy 3": Filming what friendship should look like

    However, "Unfamiliar Life" and "The King of the Sky", which are chasing after each other at the box office, have entered the top ten box office charts this year. "Slam Dunk", which did not fall behind in May 1st, also announced the extension of the key, and the release will be extended until June 19. The film has been released for 23 days, and the current box office in the mainland has reached 626 million yuan.

    Other recommendations:

    Tsui Hark directed the film "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", starring Xiao Zhan and Zhuang Duffy

    The Shanghai International Film Festival will screen "The Universe", the mainland premiere

    Who could have imagined that "Red" would be Kieslowski's last film

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    【TV drama】

    Industry information

    Adapted from the novel of the same name by Erdong Rabbit, the TV series "He Came from the Firelight" starring Huang Jingyu and Zhang Jingyi was filmed at the Changzhou West Taihu Film and Television Base in the second half of last year. The starring lineup was officially announced and released on May 9. Trailer.

    On May 12, He Shupei, the director of "Heart Protection", responded and apologized: "I'm sorry for slipping likes, and I sincerely apologize to "Long Moon Embers". Every work is not easy to broadcast. As a professional Decades of me, respect every work!" A netizen flipped through the like records and found that the director himself liked all the praise and criticism Weibo. Many netizens thought that director He Shupei was quick and responsible.

    "Heart Care"

    Let's talk about the show itself. The character design of the original author Jiulu Feixiang has always been interesting, and last year's adaptation of "Canglan Jue" was a big hit. The level of "Heart Protection" this time, if placed in the most popular period of Xianxia ancient puppet, may only be rated as two stars. The way of persuasion is simple. The two are really eye-catching...

    Stills of "Heart Care"

    Looking at the overall plot, after all, there is a good foundation for the original work, there are funny parts, and there are also cruel parts. The story is told clearly, not very good, but not very bad. From a certain point of view, "Heart Protection" is a very normal fairy-tale drama. The appearance of the male and female protagonists is fully supported, the plot advances at a normal speed, and the threshold for watching the drama is low, so there is no need to supplement the original work.

    However, some viewers believe that the plot is being childish, especially the character of the heroine, which makes people dream back to Lu Xiaokui from time to time. Secondly, there are too many routines in the plot. Seeing bathing, the male protagonist using the female protagonist, drinking and arguing together... Some people complain that these are childish routines.

    "Grandma's New World"

    This is a type of TV series that is rarely seen in China, with the elderly as the main characters. Screenwriter Li Qiang, starring Yan Ni, tells the story of her grandmother who has suffered all her life and suddenly ran away from home. I thought it was about grandma, but it was actually a unit drama. Grandma's departure was used as an introduction. Grandma first went to find her first love, and then met various people and different stories.

    In the current broadcast, the screenwriter turned over an unexpected card to the audience. Grandma's departure was not because she couldn't stand the atmosphere at home. The reason for this was heartbreaking and thought-provoking. The interesting thing is that the three generations of women start from their respective times, and experience the pain of their original family, the pain of the times, the warmth of family affection, and the selfishness of love.

    "Grandma's New World" poster

    Yan Ni’s acting skills are guaranteed, and different actors met in different stories along the way, such as Yao Chen, Geng Le, and Hou Yansong, who played Uncle Shen Dongliang who just made people shiver in "The Long Season" next door...

    I really like the feeling of a Douban netizen, "We often think that independent women are young white-collar workers or high-skilled groups who work hard in the city. In fact, are they old women who have experienced a lifetime, old women who have gotten rid of marriage, independent and liberated? Is it more thorough?"

    "Miss Sweet and Mr. Cold"

    Let's just say, is Jin Han the leading actor? Do middle-aged actresses have to act in a few embarrassing urban romance dramas with third- and fourth-tier young actors?

    Stills of "Miss Sweet and Mr. Leng"

    The plot is not a sweet pet, the heroine who seems to be floating at a glance is so busy that she meets the young president who is "unruly", and the plot revolves around the coincidence created. Wang Ziwen is in good condition, beautiful and sassy, dreaming back to Qu Xiaoxiao's period, and his acting skills are also completely on the pass line.

    The problem lies with Jin Han. In this kind of drama, the audience doesn't look at the logic and the plot, but the cp feeling, the face value confrontation between the male and female protagonists, the degree of tacit understanding, and the atmosphere of matching. Although Jin Han's modern costumes are better than ancient costumes, he really can't afford to act in this kind of urban romance drama.

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    "Longing for Life" Season 7

    This Friday night, Mushroom House will usher in a five-year reunion, and Liu Xianhua will return.

    Liu Xianhua returns

    Every reunion is actually inseparable from a question: Have you changed? Has everyone changed? At the door, Huang Lei, He Jiong, and Liu Xianhua quickly got the answer to the question. The family in front of them, the familiar yet unfamiliar Mushroom House, and the little H who came to greet them.

    In the simple daily life, what changes is the time, but what remains the same is the mutual care, tolerance and love among family members. A labor, a meal, a song, an action, and a smile are all endowed with different meanings due to the flow of time and space.

    "Ride the Wind 2023"

    On May 5, "Ride the Wind 2023" will start broadcasting. The program team invited back the three veterans Huang Xiaoming, Zhao Zhao and Huo Wenxi. The scoring and ranking system of the first season was also restored on the first stage. I want to start a wave of memory killing. The first stage of the 33 sisters was well received and controversial, and there were not many bright spots in the song selection session of the one-dimension group.

    Sun Yue, Choo Ja Hyun, Xie Xin and Chen Bing will bring "Lonely Ballet".

    I thought that the appearance of Xu Huaiyu could reproduce Wang Xinling's memories of the previous season, but who knew that a Japanese female artist MARiA Meiyi Reya appeared halfway through, and she detonated the entire "two-dimensional" with the song "Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss" on the first stage, and ignited the social again. media. Netizens even dug up the cross-circle linkage 7 years ago, which made game users join in the fun. It turns out that this two-dimensional divine song that bloodbathed station B is actually the promotional song of the game "Onmyoji".

    On the public stage, Meiyi Liya will collaborate with Gong Linna in "Flower Sea".

    The mainland music queen who can compete with Na Ying, Sun Yue is the first choice for this season. She was born as a singer and dancer. Now she is in good condition in all aspects. The first meeting of the show was the finale. Tickets for the night.

    Among the seniors, Qu Ying is also the elder sister with strong comprehensive abilities. As soon as the 52-year-old Qu Ying appeared on the stage, she swept the audience with her devil figure, singing and dancing. She was also the winner of the first season of The Variety Show. With Qu Ying, nothing is impossible.

    Tomorrow and the next day there will be a public stage, whose performance are you most looking forward to?

    Zhang Jiani, Chen Jiahua, Zhi Fu and Wu Qian will bring "Ding Ding Dong Dong".

    "Run" Season 11

    On May 12, the fourth episode of the eleventh season of Zhejiang Satellite TV's "Let's Run" will be broadcast, and it will be filmed at Guizhou University, Guizhou Provincial Museum, Yueshan Lake Park, Huaxi Cross Street, Tianhe Lake, Qingyan Ancient Town and other major landmarks in Guiyang shoot. "Let's Run" will lead the audience to encounter the scenery of Guiyang unexpectedly, and start a "competition" with the "running man" among the beautiful mountains and rivers.

    The Brotherhood will open a "Youth Song Contest" with Liu Yu, Zando, Riki, Mika, Gao Qingchen, Lin Mo, Bo Yuan, Zhang Jiayuan, Yin Haoyu, Zhou Keyu, and Liu Zhang from INTO1.

    INTO1 fit together again.

    Guizhou is the hometown of Zhou Shen. There are many Guizhou natives who are good at singing and dancing and excellent musicians. Zheng Kai even said, "Shen Shen is the little pride of Guizhou."

    The fourth season of "The Voice of God"

    Following the success of the first episode of the program, the second episode once again pursued the victory with its wonderful content. "Four Seasons For You", "Let This Heavy Rain Fall", "Take Me to Nightlife", "Take All You Want", and Boyuan's single short video "The Wind Rises" all exceeded 1 million likes.

    Different from previous seasons, this season "The Voice of God" has opened a new competition system for team competition. As the "veteran" of the four seasons, Hu Yanbin believes that this season is a greater integration than before, and said bluntly: "It is a super happy thing to talk about music with people who understand. It also has a sense of competition between the two teams, but It's more about the sympathy of these musicians in the group."

    This week, "Golden Melody Glory Group" Hu Yanbin and Zhang Liangying will lead the team to start a new round of "team battle".

    "My Art List"

    Those who came to the studio of "My Art List" this week are Cai Rui, the deputy head of the Beijing Tiananmen District Fire Rescue Detachment, Zheng Hao, the captain of the Forbidden City Special Service Station of the Beijing Tiananmen District Fire Rescue Detachment, and the Beijing Tiananmen District Fire Rescue Detachment. Shang Hongyun, the squad leader of the Forbidden City Secret Service Station, and the three are responsible for Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the surrounding important areas. They also know the unknown side of these ancient buildings better than anyone else.

    For the Forbidden City, they not only pay attention to its exquisite architecture and long history, but also study the fire protection details of each of its buildings. Remember the large water tanks scattered in front of the palace? That is a cultural relic, and it has more practical value. It was the first water source that was desirable when "walking water" in ancient times. Zheng Hao said: "To this day, although modern fire-fighting facilities have been extended to every corner, firefighters will still remove the acidic rainwater in the tank in time and fill up the tap water for emergencies. The wisdom of the ancients and today's modernization The equipment protects the safety of cultural relics at all times. It is gratifying that this water has been stored for more than 600 years, and I hope it has been useless."


    "Youth Jump": Social idiots can change the world


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