The 2023 Shanghai Youth Filmmakers Support Program announced the list of final recommendation groups

    The 2023 "SIFF YOUNG×Shanghai Youth Filmmakers Support Program" announced today the list of recommended groups for final selection. The well-known director Huang Jianxin served as the chairman of the final selection recommendation group, and the producer and supervisor Chen Zhixi, the producer and actor Nai An, the screenwriter Shu Huan, and the director Zheng Dasheng served as the final selection recommenders.

    Young filmmakers are the precious wealth of the Chinese film industry. They are the innovation engine of the industry and an important force in inheriting and developing film art. They use fresh viewpoints, innovative thinking and unique ways of expression to continuously inject new ideas into the film industry. Vitality and drive. Over the years, Shanghai has always paid attention to the development of young filmmakers and actively provided them with opportunities to showcase their talents. In 2021, a new "SIFF YOUNG×Shanghai Youth Filmmakers Support Program" was launched. The plan is directed by Shanghai Film Bureau and implemented by Shanghai International Film Festival. 1. A step-by-step newcomer training system, providing all-round support for young filmmakers and their works to connect with domestic and foreign film industry resources.

    The final recommendation team of the "SIFF YOUNG×Shanghai Youth Filmmaker Support Program" is composed of five senior filmmakers. Each finalist recommender has rich industry experience. Filmmakers actively cooperate. The recommendation group will select the filmmakers selected for this "SIFF YOUNG×Shanghai Youth Filmmakers Support Program" through rigorous and full discussions. The recommendation range extends from directors to producers and screenwriters, and the shortlist will be announced during the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival.

    The chairman of the final election recommendation group:

    Huang Jianxin

    Chinese film director, screenwriter, producer

    Chairman of Beijing Film Association, vice chairman of Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, part-time professor of Beijing Film Academy and Central Academy of Drama. One of the representatives of China's "fifth generation of directors", he has directed films such as "The Black Cannon Incident", "Dislocation", "Stand Up Straight, Don't Get Down", "Back to Back Face to Face", "The Founding of a Country" and "1921", and has won many awards. In 2005, he was awarded the title of "National Film Artist with Outstanding Contribution".

    "I think that for young directors, one is the director's understanding, such as the understanding and expression of cultural values, ideals, society, and psychology; the other is the director's imagination and innovation, because movies are completed by imagination, and at the same time This is actually the long-term driving force of the film festival. We have also seen films by female directors. Due to the difference in gender, they have shown another demeanor-the subtle perception of life that male directors cannot do, and these subtle perceptions may be closer in the essence of human life.”

    Final selection recommendation group members

    Chen Zhixi

    Producer, Producer

    He is currently the executive director of China Ruyi Holdings Co., Ltd. and the president of Ruyi Films. Works as producer and supervisor include: "Enthusiasm", "Keep You Safe", "Hello, Li Huanying", "Auspicious Ruyi", "Animal World", "Detective Chinatown", "Lost in Thailand", etc. As of now, the cumulative box office of films produced by Chen Zhixi has exceeded 10 billion, and the box office of the movie "Hello, Li Huanying" released in the Spring Festival in 2021 has reached 5.413 billion. She is also known as one of the most powerful producers in the industry.

    "An excellent young producer must first have aesthetics; secondly, he must cherish his talents. When he sees a talented director, he is willing to fly moths to the fire and go all out for the director. At the same time, he must be persistent. Film financing is very difficult, without a persistent and firm character, it is very difficult to finally present the work of a young director to the audience."


    producer, actor

    He graduated from the Directing Department of the Central Academy of Drama in 1991, and began to participate in film production as an independent producer in 1993. In 1999, Beijing Dream Work Culture and Art Co., Ltd. was established, and the feature films produced by him include "Massage", "A Cloud Made of Rain in the Wind" and so on. He has served as a judge for the Sundance Film Festival International Competition and a judge for the Hong Kong International Film Festival New Talent Film Competition.

    “For young producers, first of all, it is a unique vision—whether they are good at discovering talented creators, not only directors, but also photographers, artists, sound engineers or actors, and assist the director to find suitable creators. The second is to have the ability and experience of work coordination management or leadership; the last is to understand creation, only when you understand creation can you know how to better help the director, and it is possible to grasp how to do a good job in a project.”

    Shu Huan

    screenwriter, director

    Vice Chairman of Beijing Film Association. The scope of creation covers a wide range, including movies, TV dramas, sitcoms, sketches and other fields. The main screenwriting works include: "Love Call Transfer", "Thailand", "Hong Kong", "Pancake Man", "Mouse Hero", "My Hometown and Me", "Hug You Through the Cold Winter", etc., as well as the sitcom "I Love My Home" ", TV series "Thunderstorm", "Militia Ge Erdan" and so on.

    "For young screenwriters, it is important to have rich imagination and abundant emotions, including some characteristics that belong only to them, and some surprising things, such as sense of humor, suspense, grasp of unique details, etc. These Traits reflect the personality of a screenwriter, skills determine the lower limit of a screenwriter, and characters and emotions determine the upper limit of a screenwriter."

    Zheng Dasheng


    "Village Play" won the Special Commendation Award of the 9th China Film Directors Association Annual Jury in 2017, the Jury Award of the 25th Beijing University Student Film Festival, and was nominated for the Best Director Award of the 31st Golden Rooster Award. Films such as "An Incorruptible Official Yu Jackie Chan", "The Death of Wang Bo", "Antiques", "Idlers in Tianjin", "Dangerous City", "DV China", "Fleeing Years", "A Tao" and "1921" have won many domestic and foreign awards.

    "For a young director, more important than a certain work is the change in his creative trajectory. In the past three to five years, those who have been insisting on creating are fighters. I hope that from the development trajectory of a director in recent years, we can learn Let's see if TA can bring us a more inspiring and potential direction. We also hope that: everyone will go in their own direction, and the creative aspect is rich and multi-dimensional, which is the best. "

    "SIFF YOUNGx Shanghai Youth Filmmaker Support Program" is a film talent support project directed by Shanghai Film Bureau and implemented by Shanghai International Film Festival. The project will be implemented for the first time in 2021, and five young directors Rao Xiaozhi, Zeng Guoxiang, Liang Ming, Wang Jing, and Han Shuai will be selected, and the selected filmmakers and their works will be promoted internationally at the Cannes Film Festival film market. Among them, Rao Xiaozhi's new work "The Journey Back" is the box office champion of the 2022 National Day file, with a final revenue of 1.593 billion, a win-win box office reputation; Liang Ming's second feature film "Xiaoyaoyou" was established in Shanghai and has been filmed. "SIFF YOUNGx Shanghai Young Filmmakers Support Program" will expand the range of recommended young filmmakers from directors to producers and screenwriters this year, and the shortlist will be announced during the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival.


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