North American box office | "Fast and Furious 10" is the second best opening film in the world this year

    The North American film market last weekend ushered in the full release of another blockbuster series "Fast and Furious 10" (Fast X). In the end, the film won a box office of $67.5 million in 4046 theaters, which was in line with industry expectations. The global opening box office of US$319 million is slightly better than outside forecasts, and it is the second best so far this year, second only to "Super Mario Bros. Movie".

    "Fast and Furious 10" stills

    It is believed that this opening result will also make Universal Pictures, which is said to be as high as 340 million US dollars in production costs, a little relieved. The production cost of "Fast and Furious 9", which was released two years ago, was only 225 million US dollars. The cost of the tenth part not long ago is so much higher. I am afraid it is due to the soaring global prices in the past period of time. In addition, the cast of this part is extremely large. Therefore, the current media estimate that "Fast and Furious 10 needs at least $800 million at the global box office to be profitable.

    "Fast and Furious 9", which was released two years ago, due to the impact of the epidemic, nearly 20% of theaters have not yet resumed business, and North American audiences have not fully returned. Even so, the opening box office in North America was 70 million US dollars, slightly more than the tenth film this time. In the end, the poorly-reputed ninth film only earned $173 million at the North American box office. Fortunately, the global box office reached $726 million. Universal Pictures should still make a profit.

    Compared with the previous one, the evaluation of "Fast and Furious 10" by the American media is not much better. At present, the freshness of "Rotten Tomatoes" is only 54% failing. However, it is clear that the box office success of the series does not depend on media reputation or even North American audiences, but on overseas markets.

    The previous seventh, eighth and ninth "Fast and Furious", the overseas box office accounted for about 80% of the global box office, and the Chinese box office played an important role in it. The eighth film, released in 2017, had a box office of about 192 million U.S. dollars in China; the ninth film two years ago, fell to 136 million U.S. dollars; this time, the tenth film was released two days earlier than North America, but even with The income within five days is calculated as the opening box office, and it is only 78.3 million US dollars. Considering the missing piece of cake because it could not be released in Russia, overall, the overseas box office of "Fast and Furious 10" is still under a lot of pressure.

    Specifically analyzing the overseas box office of "Fast and Furious 10", after China ranked first, Mexico's US$16.7 million and France's US$9.6 million ranked second and third. In addition, the box office of the film in several markets such as Brazil, India, Germany, Japan, and South Korea is relatively high, but it is far from the box office in the Chinese market.

    Moreover, the current Maoyan audience rating of the film is 8.9 points, which is significantly better than the B-level word-of-mouth score given by American audiences for the film. Obviously, under the general trend that Hollywood movies are relatively farther and farther away from the Chinese market, works like the "Fast and Furious" series actually still need to rely on the real money paid by Chinese audiences to a large extent.


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