Dance out of the spirit of the Chinese people! The Shenzhen-produced dance drama "Wing Chun" presented the Huabiao Award and was praised by experts and scholars

    "Very amazing!" "Very shocking!" "Extremely exciting!" On the evening of May 23, Shenzhen, which has strong film elements and Lingnan style, produced an original boutique dance drama "Wing Chun", which appeared on the stage of the China Film Huabiao Awards Ceremony, 5 The multi-minute segment was staged with high intensity and amazed the audience. It was enthusiastically praised and fully affirmed by Beijing experts, scholars and people in the performing arts circle. The powerful "circle-breaking power" fully demonstrates Shenzhen's spirit and strength in promoting literary and artistic creation from "plateau" to "peak".

    The dance drama "Wing Chun" was produced by the Propaganda Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports. It was created and performed by the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theater. The 2022 National Arts Fund, Guangdong Provincial Fine Art (Literary and Artistic Talents) Special Support Fund and Shenzhen Publicity Co-financed by the Cultural Fund.

    "Like "Wing Chun" and like Shenzhen!"

    "It's amazing! It's beautiful!" "I was shocked after watching it. I sent a message to the stage director after watching it. It's so advanced. It's very exciting and beautiful to be able to appreciate such traditional Chinese culture from the scene." Actor, The director and screenwriter Shen Teng, and the director of the documentary film "No Island" Cao Jinling praised the dance drama "Wing Chun" excitedly.

    "It's great, it shocked me!" The hostess, actor, and writer Ni Ping also commented enthusiastically, and said excitedly that when Chang Hongji, who played the role of the great master "Ip Man", came out, he held his breath completely. Later, " Zhang Yashu, who played the role of "Bagua Zhangmen", led the group of dancers to appear, and felt that this dance drama in Shenzhen was amazing. This is the most typical thing in Chinese culture that cannot be let go. Shenzhen is both economical and cultural. It is a very happy city. Bless Shenzhen.

    "The on-site effect is really good! Like "Wing Chun" and like Shenzhen!" As a native of Shenzhen, Wu Junling, executive deputy general manager of Bona Cinemas Co., Ltd., saw the dance drama produced in his hometown represent the highest level of Chinese movies on the spot. The honorary Huabiao Award Ceremony shined brilliantly on the stage. I felt both shocked and proud, and immediately expressed my speech on the self-media platform.

    "I have watched the dance drama "Wing Chun" on Douyin before. This time, I saw the "Wing Chun" clip presented in 5 minutes on the stage of the China Film Huabiao Awards Ceremony. It was very shocking!" Actor, screenwriter, Director Gao Yalin fully affirmed the artistic innovation of "Wing Chun", he said, ""Wing Chun" is very novel in terms of narrative design, the combination of dance and martial arts is very smooth, the story is very compact, and the use of stage sound and light The performance is also very good, and the narration of the dance drama, the charm of dance and martial arts are all displayed."

    Having filmed six or seven dramas in Shenzhen, he said that he is very familiar with and likes Shenzhen. "Wing Chun" is an original high-quality dance drama produced in Shenzhen. It integrates "Wing Chun" and "Xiang Yunsha" into dance. , and use some details to highlight the strong Lingnan style.

    A successful reference for iteratively breaking the circle of artistic thinking

    "I have participated in the planning and implementation of large-scale state affairs galas and key festival activities many times. The selection of the program should grasp two points. One is to focus on the theme of the event, and the other is to represent the highest level of the present with wonderful and exquisite." Director of the National Arts Fund, China Culture Management Song Guanlin, vice chairman of the association and chairman of the Performing Arts Working Committee, said in an exclusive interview with the Beijing-based reporter of the Shenzhen Special Zone News that the stunning appearance of the dance drama "Wing Chun" at the Huabiao Awards Ceremony is well-deserved and well-deserved.

    He said that the Chinese Film Huabiao Awards Ceremony held at the National Stadium this time is the integration of the 18th and 19th Huabiao Awards for Chinese Films. In recent years, the largest event of Chinese films. The organizer chose "Wing Chun" to dance on this highly anticipated stage because "Wing Chun" has been gaining momentum since its inception and has become popular all the way, becoming a beautiful landscape on the Chinese performing arts map. At the same time, there is another reason. "Wing Chun" is a classic case of cross-border integration of film and dance drama, screen and stage, and a successful reference for artistic creation and innovation, and iterative breakthrough of artistic thinking. Looking forward to seeing the style of "Wing Chun" at the celebration of the sports world that attracts the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers in the near future, because holding hands with movies and loving martial arts are the pattern and feelings of "Wing Chun".

    ""Wing Chun"'s excavation of the elements of 'double intangible cultural heritage' not only highlights the characteristics of Lingnan culture, but also highlights the courage and ability of Shenzhen." Jin Hao, a researcher at the Dance Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Arts who studies classical dance, accepted Shenzhen Special Zone News In an interview, a Beijing-based reporter said that the dance drama "Wing Chun" has a novel form. From the perspective of movement vocabulary, the mechanism of "Wing Chun"'s movements is different from the traditional ones. Especially the combination of dance and martial arts, the visual impact is stronger, and the classical dance movements are strengthened, exaggerated and deformed. It is not only full of heat like the sun, full of edges and corners, but also shows the crispness of a rooster shaking its crown. .

    "'Shenzhen Produced' "Wing Chun" can be performed on the stage of the Huabiao Awards Ceremony. I think not only that "Wing Chun" fits the temperament of the film very well and pays tribute to the filmmakers, but also because "Wing Chun" is inherently connotative. With a deep grasp of the pulse of the times, the dance shows the spirit of the Chinese people." Jin Hao said highly that "Wing Chun" is the embodiment of the stage art image of the new era, a colorful movement of the new era, and fully embodies the courage and courage of Shenzhen. The SAR spirit of experimenting and daring to be the first highlights the Chinese people's self-confidence, self-improvement, and indomitable spirit of the new era. It is a new vane and leads the aesthetic trend of the new era.

    Demonstrate the enterprising spirit and strength of literary and artistic creation towards the "peak"

    Why does the dance drama "Wing Chun" have a strong "circle-breaking power"? Song Guanlin believes that "Wing Chun" can not only see the traditional national spirit, but also the contemporary spirit of the times. It is a beam of bright sunshine in the history of Chinese dance drama in the new era.

    "The innovative awareness of "Wing Chun", the grasp of eclectic and cross-border integration, and the aggressiveness of breaking through circles are all worthy of attention and research." He praised and pointed out that "Wing Chun" comes from Shenzhen, and it was born from its source. , Shenzhen is the forefront of China's reform and opening up, and Shenzhen has a broad pulse of innovation. It comes from Shenzhen, and it was born at the right time. In the new era, Shenzhen has sounded the clarion call to start again and achieve greater success. The boiling annual rings, progressive figures, and moving stories will provide the cornerstone of life and freshness for Shenzhen's artistic creation. the power of. "After enjoying the lush green of "Wing Chun", we yearn for the flowers of summer and the gold of autumn."

    At present, Shenzhen is anchoring high-quality development goals, adhering to the people-centered creative orientation, and constantly polishing the city image IP of "Shenzhen Produce" and "Shenzhen Literature and Art". In this regard, Song Guanlin said that it is not accidental that Shenzhen produced "Wing Chun". "Wing Chun" fully demonstrates Shenzhen's progressive spirit and strength in promoting literary and artistic creation from "plateau" to "peak".

    "Shenzhen is the bridgehead of artistic innovation. Shenzhen's artistic innovation always satisfies our aesthetic aspirations." Jin Hao also expressed with great expectation that he hopes that Shenzhen will focus more on Shenzhen's characteristics in the future, root in the fertile soil of Shenzhen, and create creative works with vivid innovation and entrepreneurship stories. The works that lead the new era, especially the masterpieces of literature and art that highlight Shenzhen's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of holding the red flag and bravely standing at the forefront, embody Shenzhen's characteristics, the atmosphere of the times, and China's style. We look forward to more surprises that Shenzhen will bring us in the future.


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