Yin Xiumei was elected as the new chairman of the Chinese Literary and Art Volunteers Association, and Huang Bo was elected as the vice chairman

    The Third National Congress of the China Literary and Art Volunteers Association concluded in Beijing on the 5th. The conference elected Yin Xiumei as the third president of the China Literary and Art Volunteers Association.

    Yin Xiumei Visual China Data Map

    The conference also elected Shan Chong, Liu Jin, Ren Jun, Ren Luyu, He Jialin, Li Xianhua, Yang Hong, Zhang Kaili, Wang Shunan, Song Jing, Wu Bixia, Meng Guanglu, Lin Yongjian, Yao Jianping, Huang Bo, Gong Yu, Fan Jianchuan and Ji Yanwei as Chinese literary and art volunteers. The third vice-chairman of the Writers Association.

    In her closing speech, Yin Xiumei said: "In the next five years, we will work with one heart and one mind, work side by side, work diligently, and serve wholeheartedly. We will always celebrate the times, serve the people, be deeply involved in the front line, contribute to society, and advocate virtue and art. , work hard to continuously push forward the cause of literary and artistic volunteer service."

    The conference will be held in Beijing from the 4th to the 5th. The meeting reviewed and approved the work report, revised the "Articles of Association of the Chinese Literary and Art Volunteers Association", and elected a new leadership body of the Chinese Literary and Art Volunteers Association. During the conference, activities such as "Serving China's Governance and Creating a Better Life" - an exhibition of the achievements of ten years of Chinese literary and artistic volunteer service were also held.


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