What to watch this week | "Nine Righteous People", "He Came from the Fire" and many other new dramas are scheduled to be released

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    According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of 16:00 on September 15, the top three box office lists on Friday were "The Expendables 4: The Final Chapter," "The Eighth Suspect," "Oppenheimer," and the new film "Parrot Killing." "Fright Night in Venice" only ranked fifth and sixth.

    "The Eighth Suspect"

    "The Eighth Suspect" poster

    On December 22, 1995, the largest armed robbery case since the founding of New China occurred in front of a bank in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Seven people committed the crime and stole 15 million in cash. Nine shots were fired in less than 2 minutes. One of the escorts was killed and another injured. After the incident, although the five fugitive robbers were arrested and sentenced to death, the main culprit remained at large for 21 years. In 2019, Chen Xunmin, who had been arrested for three years, was granted a suspended sentence. In the same year, filming of the movie "The Eighth Suspect" based on the case began.

    As a crime-themed movie shot by a Hong Kong director, there are no ups and downs of suspenseful plot design, nor many big scenes of explosions and car chases. The whole movie still follows the ups and downs of people's hearts and is gripping. "The Eighth Suspect" talks about people's evil, and at the same time, surrounding this evil, it also shows the various aspects of life that go hand in hand with it.

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    "Red Lover"

    "Red Lover" will be released on September 12 in the National Art Film Screening Alliance Cinema Line.

    Twenty-five years have passed, and this "red" film that caused a great sensation back then was finally taken out of the dusty film box in the warehouse, transferred from the film version to the digital version, and returned to the big screen again.

    "Red Lover" stills, Leslie Cheung plays Jin

    Director Yip Daying admitted that he initially planned to cast John Lung as the revolutionary Jin, but a Hong Kong friend strongly recommended Leslie Cheung to him and they had a meal together. "That was the first time I met Leslie Cheung face to face. He was very caring. He should have read the script before coming, but he said he didn't read it. This man is very elegant and measured, but he has a strong self-esteem. And on that day, his face He had a short stubble, and there was a trace of vicissitudes in his soft beauty. I told him the stories of those idealistic revolutionaries, and they were all stories about human beings. I found that his eyes followed the fate of the characters in the stories. The ups and downs are constant. As soon as I ate this meal, I knew in my heart that this guy can do it, absolutely."

    Exclusive interview|Director Ye Daying: 25 years of classic time travel, "Red Lover" is still as good as new

    "The History of Three Noble Loves"

    "The Story of Three Nobles" is such a movie. This is a rare type in Chinese movies. Fantasy love is not without it, but such a pure, clean and original fairy tale with a bit of evil temperament still makes people fascinated. A unique viewing experience. If movies are dream machines, then this is probably the closest thing to a dream in the cinema right now.

    Exclusive interview | Liu Siyi, director of "The Story of Three Nobles": Fairy tales are greater than love

    "Three Noble Love Stories": A true love fairy tale with an untimely beauty

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    【TV drama】

    New drama information

    There are not many new dramas starting this week, but there are many scheduled dramas, more than in the previous three months. Starting from this weekend, there will be a large wave of dramas.

    "Nine Righteous People" poster

    The suspenseful costume drama "Nine Righteous People" starring Wu Qian, Li Jiahang, Qiao Zhenyu, and Hu Yixuan was launched on Tencent on September 15. The story tells the story of a girl named Lin Rulan who, despite the opposition of her best friend Meng Wan, risked her reputation to sue the owner of the embroidered building. Wu Lian, a man, eventually committed suicide to prove his innocence. Meng Wan worked hard for seven years, gathering Liu Xin and other "Nine Righteous People" who were inextricably linked to the Rulan case to plot a solution to the case.

    The 33-episode TV series "The Fire of the Great Revolution" with major revolutionary historical themes was launched on CCTV-1 prime time on September 15 , starring Hou Jingjian, Zhang Bo, Wang Weizhi, Xu Xiaosa, and Wang Jinsong.

    The online drama "Golden Customer Service Dong Dong En" starring Xu Lu, Wei Zheming, Liu Runnan, and Zhang Baijia was launched on iQiyi on September 15 .

    The youth web drama "Those Youthful Times That I Can't Go Back" adapted from Tong Hua's novel of the same name will be broadcast exclusively on Mango TV on September 16 , starring Zhao Jinmai, Bai Yufan, Wu Jiakai, Zhao Zhaoyi and others.

    "He Came from the Fire" poster

    The contemporary puppet drama "He Came from the Fire" adapted from the popular novel of the same name is scheduled to be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi on September 19 , starring Huang Jingyu and Zhang Jingyi.

    Teng Huatao serves as the director and chief director, and the urban female emotional drama "Good Things Come in Twos" starring Zhang Xiaofei, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Jiani, and Li Zefeng will be launched on CCTV-8 prime time on September 19 , with two episodes every night, and Tencent Video will be broadcast online Solo broadcast. The play starts from a female perspective, focuses on the plight and growth of urban women, and tells the story of them overcoming numerous difficulties and achieving personal growth.

    The contemporary national security drama "Agent Mission" directed by Zhao Baogang and starring Han Geng, Wei Daxun, Li Yitong, and Zhou Fang is scheduled to be launched on September 20th on Beijing Satellite TV and Dragon TV, and will be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi. It mainly tells the story of national security personnel fighting overseas espionage forces and safeguarding national security through the game "Agent Mission".

    The TV series "Haidao" starring Yin Fang and Jiao Junyan started shooting in September. As one of the key TV series with the theme of "One Belt, One Road", the series will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video.

    The police-themed online short drama "Sun and Stars" starring William Chan and Liu Yase has started shooting in Hong Kong on August 28, and the drama will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video.

    The costume drama "The Princess" adapted from the novel "The Eldest Princess" written by Mo Shubai has officially announced the starring cast. Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Linghe lead the starring roles. Director Gao Yijun and screenwriter Rao Jun will be broadcast exclusively on Youku. It may be broadcast on October 10 Monthly boot.

    "The South Wind Knows What I Want"

    Poster of "The South Wind Knows What I Want"

    The current puppet dramas that have been backlogged for three years actually don’t feel out of place or outdated now. On the one hand, it is conceivable that our domestic dramas, at least the current puppet dramas, have made little progress in the past three years. On the other hand, When you open the series, you are greeted by a Korean style, which makes you dream back to "Descendants of the Sun". This also shows that with the level of others a few years ago, you can already be the best among the dwarfs in current domestic dramas.

    Closer to home, Han's style is indeed very good, and the clothing filters and the protagonist's makeup and hair are very fashionable. Putting aside the controversy about whether Cheng Yi's appearance is suitable for current puppet dramas, at least the two protagonists have the right feeling. The first episode enters slowly, and the meeting between the male and female protagonists is a bit awkward, but starting from the second episode, it seems that it is easy to get into the drama, humanitarian rescue, survival in the wild, the plot is full, and the pace is relatively fast, so it is a drama that does not need to fast forward. set.

    The hero and heroine do not have everything on their mind but love. The relationship between the two heats up in the details of getting along time and time again. When the plot is supported, the author feels that there is no need to discuss the sense of CP between the actors. It is enough that the emotions between the two characters flow naturally.

    In addition to love, the highlight of the original story is also the bloody story of the wealthy Fu family, the second mother, illegitimate children, and family property... Switching to the Fu family scene makes people feel like they are watching an old-school Hong Kong drama, but it lacks the nobility of the wealthy family in Hong Kong dramas. , but still worth a look.

    Generally speaking, the dramas currently airing are fast-paced, have a lot of content, and the characters all have excellent acting skills. You can catch up on it, but this drama has nearly 40 episodes, so I hope it won’t be unfinished.

    "I have a friend"

    Some dramas seem to be martial arts dramas, but in fact they are idol dramas, comedy dramas, and fantasy dramas...and some dramas, which seem to be comedy dramas and are nonsensical, actually contain true martial arts ethics, such as "I" Have a Friend".

    Stills from "I Have a Friend"

    The director who had previously filmed "Stay Together" directed it again. Most of the actors are unknown, and the title of the play is not even funny enough, but it is really worth watching. The biggest thing is that there is a lot of nonsense but it is not annoying, the amount of information is huge, you have to listen carefully to every sentence, and there are no useless scenes and lines. Secondly, although it is wrapped in a funny outer shell, it contains touching Jianghu blood inside. Why do you call me a friend? It is for this friend who has been with him through thick and thin that he has to go through a city even though he has been poisoned, just to find out the truth. Although he looks modern in terms of service and lines, he is a classic brother on the inside. Chivalrous atmosphere. The leading actor Xie Xingyang's acting skills are very good and remarkable.

    However, if you don’t like nonsense literature, you may not get the laughs or tears. Most of the lines are nonsensical and funny. Although the pace is fast, it is really hard to listen to. The reviews of this show may be severely polarized. Some people like it very much, but they can't watch an episode if they can't get it.

    In the third episode of the first season of "Happy Restart" aired in the first half of last year, the "0713" brothers guest-starred on the crew of "I Have a Friend". Now that the show is finally online, several brothers not only posted posters on Weibo, but Wang Zhengliang also started REACTION.

    "Cloud Feather"

    Needless to say, after insisting on so many episodes, Guo Jingming is filming the drama seriously. The pace is not too fast or too slow. According to his storytelling method, the service and lighting atmosphere are not lazy for a moment. However, the most intuitive feeling , it just doesn’t look good.

    I saw a very vivid metaphor on Douban. The protagonist is like a Steadicam on the set. It is expensive, such as a lot of settings; it is also busy. The protagonist and supporting actors are busy talking, undercover, exposing, catching spies and falling in love; and being present, The big scenes are all there, but their role is very limited and they don't do much to advance the plot.

    It simply sums up the author’s feelings after patiently watching dozens of episodes. Each episode lasted nearly an hour. Even after watching it at twice the speed, I couldn’t summarize what the protagonists were busy talking about that were really logical. Female The protagonist Wu Feng's undercover identity was revealed by the male protagonist, and he turned out to be an eavesdropper! ah? Then why didn't you eavesdrop before? Although there were no bugs in ancient times, was Wu Feng being too arrogant by making noises in the room? It doesn’t matter whose territory you are on or whether anyone is following you. I suggest Director Guo watch TV dramas related to the underground party. They may not all be excellent, but at least they are reasonable.

    But this is also a personal preference, and some colleagues also pursue it with great enthusiasm. After all, the costume drama is still watchable, but not much.

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    【Variety Show】

    "Beyond the Troubles 3"

    This week's "Beyond the Troubles" will be broadcast on Friday and Saturday. The first half to be broadcast on Friday is the first half of the second game. In the first red card match, Chen Chusheng, who has never failed in PK, once again refreshed his unbeaten record and beat his opponent Ma Boqian's Luo. Team Jeff is forced into a disadvantageous situation.

    In the subsequent performances of the four teams, "Zhang San's Song", "Account Has Been Canceled", "Walking Fish" and "I Hate My Infatuation", appeared on four stages one after another.

    The four stages, to paraphrase Deng Chao, can indeed show “the differences in the world.”

    "Zhang San's Song" stage

    On the stage of "Zhang San's Song", despite Cai Guoqing's efforts, judging from the stage completion, it seems that Teacher Cai still danced to the wrong beat just like in the quiz. This can be seen from the fleeting panoramic shot. See the clues.

    "Account has been canceled" stage

    On the "Account Has Been Canceled" stage, the rap part of A Pu and Shouzi was very eye-catching, but it just felt like the other brothers on the stage were in some kind of situation.

    "Walking Fish" stage

    "Walking Fish" can be said to be the best stage in the first half of Ergong. This is not only due to the excellent performances of Chen Chusheng, Li Jiuzhe and Uncle Baoshi, but also due to several dialogues before the stage started. For example, Li Jiuzhe missed "I Am" due to his contract. "Singer" Season 1 and 2, for example, Chen Chusheng said he saw Yu Haoming's scars for the first time. These words brought the stage performance to the highest point of a certain emotion.

    "I Hate My Infatuation" Stage

    As for the stage of "I Hate My Infatuation", the question on the barrage is about the relationship between Cantonese songs and Mongolian dances. This is actually not a big issue. If you recall the original version of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" broadcast by TVB, you will be able to reconcile it. . It's just that the final effect is somewhat like Lu Yi taking compatriots from Hong Kong and Taiwan to travel to Inner Mongolia.

    "Summer of the Band 3"

    This week is the resurrection match, and the format is - call out substitution match! It’s still a 1v1 mode, who can break out?

    As for which bands need to participate in the resurrection competition, you will know by looking at the posters posted on the band’s summer Weibo today. They are roughly: Mars Radio Band, Sound Toy Band, Berlin Nurse Band, Constant’s Change Ball Band, MrMiss Band, Waina Band, Mayuan Poets Band, Huichundan Band, etc.

    "Chinese Restaurant 7"

    This week, the dual-level business model will officially end. What new experiences will partners gain when they become a team?

    Alyssa Chia's cooking debut unexpectedly hit the sales, and despite her busy schedule, she actually won the sales championship. While preparing the dishes, Yue Yunpeng also gave Alyssa Chia Jingwen some loving fried noodles. After the food preparation was completed, Yin Zheng added a new lucky cat to the Chinese restaurant, and Cheng Xiao praised its adorable appearance. After a busy staff meal, Lin Yun made dumplings for the partners, and Huang Xiaoming praised the happiness of having a family.

    "If You Are the One" France Special

    After 11 years, "If You Are the One" will once again launch a special show in France, entering the "romantic city" Paris, and letting the Eiffel Tower witness the germination of the seeds of love. Currently, preparations for the France special of "If You Are the One" are in full swing, and it is expected to start filming guest short films in November.

    For many people, "If You Are the One" is a stage for single men and women to make friends, and it is also a window for overseas friends to understand Chinese youth. Next year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. "If You Are the One" will cross the ocean and bring about the romantic adventure between the two countries.

    "Goodbye Lover" Season 3

    "Goodbye Lover" Season 3 Poster

    On September 12, the second issue of the third season of "Goodbye Lover" was officially launched. After the show aired, the relationship between the three pairs of reality show guests sparked heated discussions, and the underlying reasons behind it are intriguing.

    "Goodbye Lover 3": What is the relationship between kites and strings?

    "We Are Invincible"

    As the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou approaches, the 100-person sports competition program "Invincible Us" and "Welcome to the Asian Games Special" have been launched on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Z Video Client. Wu Kequn, Zhou Pakho, Wu Xuanyi, Xu Jiaqi, Sun Bohao and the Name group joined hands with two hundred sports experts from all walks of life to help build momentum for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games.

    The first episode of the program designed the competition around the sports spirit of "faster, higher, stronger, and more united". The players were divided into red and blue teams to start three rounds of the "Strongest Team" competition. This Sunday (September 17) at 12 noon, the lion dance chapter of "Invincible Us" will be launched on the Z Vision client and broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV at 22:00.

    "Xunfeng Pure Heart"

    This week, the sixth episode of "Xunfeng Pure Heart" is about to be broadcast. This is also the last theme audition of the Xunfeng Brothers. Can they win the challenge this time?

    With the success of the challenge of the third themed audition, the nervousness of the Xunfeng brothers has also been relieved. Everyone returned to the dormitory to gather together, chatting about the changes in the brothers in their own eyes over the past ten years, and telling each other about their original intention to insist on making music. Without changing, I recall the interesting stories of the brothers over the past ten years. The perfect conclusion of the third theme illustrated audition also marked the brothers’ group’s final audition challenge.

    "Fantastic Animals of Guo Xiaomei"

    This time, Sister Xinxin, whom the children are familiar with, magically transforms into cute little animals. In "Guo Xiao Meow: Wonderful Animals", the children are brought closer to the cute and loving world of animals, where they can learn about nature and popularize animal science. Trivia, coupled with graphic animation + dramatic expressions, anthropomorphic dubbing + real shots of baby animals, and interesting interactive questions and answers, guide children to understand animals and love nature.

    Stills from "Guo Xiao Miao: Fantastic Animals"

    For example, although the ostrich, a little expert in bird running, has lost the ability to fly, as the largest bird in the world, it is very good at running in open grasslands and deserts. The "little bully" on the ice - the polar bear, lives in the Arctic and has a very thick layer of fat. Its hair is the best protective color for the "little bully" on the ice. The king of staying up late - the giraffe, a tall man with a gentle personality who likes to communicate with his neck. He only needs 3-4 hours of sleep a day, but he has grown into the tallest terrestrial animal in the animal kingdom.


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