A wave of foreign films is coming, which one do you want to watch the most?

    As time approaches the end of the new year, a large number of new foreign films have recently been reviewed or finalized. Among them, there are both Hollywood branch films that were released simultaneously with North America, and imported films that bought out the copyright; and the types are also varied, including superhero blockbusters and animated films that fans have been waiting for. If you are still hesitating about which movie to choose to accompany you through the long winter, you might as well take a look at the following list. I believe that no matter what your taste is, you will definitely find the one you love.

    "Captain Marvel 2" (The Marvels)

    Release date: November 10

    As the finale of this year's Marvel movies, the release of "Captain Marvel 2" should have been highly anticipated. However, the first wave of word-of-mouth reviews after the film review ban was lifted was not very satisfactory. For the audience, whether it is worth buying tickets to watch it in the theater may have to be carefully weighed.

    Personally, "Captain Marvel 2" may be more harmful to die-hard Marvel fans; but for casual viewers, its full entertainment effect may be a bonus; especially the cat-loving people, You can even enjoy playing with a cat on the big screen.

    "Porco Rosso" (Red Pig)

    Release date: November 17

    While the news about the introduction of Hayao Miyazaki's latest work "How Do You Want to Live" is still unclear, it is better to go to the theater to appreciate his classic work, which was born in 1992.

    The film is released through the National Art Federation's dedicated line, so the theaters where it will be shown are relatively limited. In addition, there are already a lot of new films, so the number of films scheduled is not likely to be too many, so those who want to watch it may wish to hurry up early.

    The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

    Release date: November 17

    After eight years, the "Hunger Games" series, adapted from the best-selling book of the same name, is back with prequel stories and is being released simultaneously in North America.

    The film tells the story of Baird, a girl from the bottom of society trying to control her own destiny in a cruel survival game. Snow, a young mentor, is attracted to her and wants to help her.

    The cast is quite strong, with Rachel Ziegler who starred in the new version of "Snow White" playing the leading role, Tom Bryce of "Billy the Kid" and Hunter Schaffer of "Euphoria" starring, and Viola Day Weiss, Peter Dinklage and other acting actors also play important roles.


    Release date: November 24

    For viewers who love Disney animation, this blockbuster film released by Disney Animation Studios to commemorate its centenary birthday is a must-see.

    What's even more rare is that it is a completely original work. There is no princess in the traditional sense, but a story about a cheerful and optimistic girl who uses her wisdom to save everyone after gaining special powers. The painting style of the film is a traditional Disney hand-drawn style combined with 3D technology, which is very suitable for nostalgic audiences.

    "Crayon Shin-chan The Movie: New Dimension!" "Super Power Showdown"

    Release date: November 25

    For viewers who like "Crayon Shin-chan", this latest work should not be missed. Moreover, it is also the first 3D theatrical version in the entire series.

    What’s more worth mentioning is that the film is directed by Jin One, who is known for his comedy and has directed "Mahoro Station Side Story", "Peach Blossom" and "Dream Eater". His compatibility with Crayon Shin-chan is self-evident. Metaphor.

    After the film was released in Japan in August this year, it did win a good reputation. However, this time the imported version has some partial picture changes. Whether the flaws are not covered up or the soul has been lost is probably a matter of opinion.


    Release date: December 8

    "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a classic fairy tale written by the great writer Roald Dahl. The movie of the same name directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This time, "Sweet Tea" Timothée Chalamet challenges the young version of Willy Wonka, which can also arouse the curiosity of the audience: whether to destroy the classics or surpass the predecessors will inevitably become a hot topic. Compared with audiences in North America and other places, domestic audiences can find out one week earlier.


    Release date: December 8

    Compared with other foreign films released in the past two months at the end of the year, this animated film seems to be a little less popular. However, it comes from the Illumination Entertainment animation studio famous for the "Minions" series.

    The film tells the story of a duck father and a duck mother who lead a pair of children on an ill-fated migration journey. It focuses on a light-hearted and funny family atmosphere.

    Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

    Release date: December

    Although the specific schedule of "Aquaman 2" has not yet been determined, it has been confirmed and will be released simultaneously with North America on December 22.

    The birth of this DC superhero movie has been full of twists and turns, especially affected by the legal battle between Amber Heard, who plays Mera in the film, and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, as well as the interference of Heard's ex-boyfriend Musk. However, the content of the film has been changed many times, and the audience can only hope that it will be as exciting on-screen as off-screen.

    "Detective Conan: Kurogane's Fish Shadow" (Detective Detective Conan Black Iron's Fish Shadow)

    Release date: December

    There are rumors that the 26th Conan movie will be released soon, and the release date will be December. After witnessing this with my own eyes, the New Blue Party and the Ke Ai Party are bound to start another round of war of words.


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