Xie Jin’s birth centenary film festival is launched in Shanghai, and 7 classic works can be booked for free

    Older viewers may remember the crowd-pleased scenes when Xie Jin's movies were released in the past, or they may have complained and cried with the people in the movie in the cinema; younger viewers may have seen the widely circulated sentence in "The Wrangler" on short video platforms The line "Old Xu, do you want a wife or not?", was moved by the simple and innocent emotions of the past. In an era when movie tickets only cost a few cents, Xie Jin repeatedly created miracles with box office sales exceeding 100 million. Decades later, today's audiences can still find emotional resonance in Xie Jin's movies.

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of director Xie Jin. Those touching classics will reappear on the big screen in Shanghai, the city where his career started and flourished. From November 11th to 21st, under the guidance of the Shanghai Film Group, the "Innocent Heart - Film Exhibition to Commemorate the Centenary of Xie Jin's Birth" will be held in Shanghai, co-organized by the Shanghai Film Museum and the Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association. The two stations at the Lingang Performing Arts Center screened seven classic works by director Xie Jin. At the same time, the film festival in Shanghai will also echo the "Xie Jin's Birth Centenary Film Festival" in Zhejiang, linking the place where Xie Jin became famous and his hometown with Xie Jin's hometown to commemorate this Chinese film master.

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    It is reported that the film festival started on August 13, 100 days before the centenary of Xie Jin’s birth. The first stop was the China Film Museum. Currently, the film festival has completed screenings in Beijing and Changchun. The film festival will tour to Shanghai in November and will end on November 21st, which is the 100th anniversary of Xie Jin’s birth. It is a special birthday gift for Director Xie.

    The Shanghai stop of the film festival commemorating the centenary of Xie Jin’s birth will focus on seven of his classic works, covering his famous works in the 1950s to his peak masterpieces in the 1980s and 1990s, spanning nearly half a century. Xie Jin's works have artistic charm that transcends the times, and most of them are the latest restored versions in 2K and 4K.

    Including Xie Jin's famous work in the 1950s, the 2K restored version of "Women's Basketball Team No. 5", the popular 1960s, the 4K restored version of "Red Detachment of Women" and "Stage Sisters", Xie Jin's only sports comedy, The 2K Shanghai-language restored version of "Big Li, Xiao Li and Old Li", the reflective masterpieces of the 1980s, the 2K restored version of "The Legend of Tianyun Mountain" and "The Wrangler", and the "Qingliang Temple" he directed in the 1990s Bells". All screenings are free for public welfare, allowing contemporary audiences to once again watch the classics of this people's artist on the big screen.

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    At the same time, a memorial lecture for Master Xie Jin will also be held during the film festival, inviting experts and scholars including Professor Ishikawa of the Shanghai Theater Academy and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Film Association, and filmmakers such as Xie Jin’s former disciples Shi Xiaohua and Wu Zhennian to give academically based lectures. , history and contemporaneity, introduce Xie Jin's artistic life that burns life for movies, interpret the social changes in modern China and the evolution of ideas under the historical tide presented in his movies, and explore the writing of family and country, romantic feelings and transcendence of the times. artistic spirit.

    Xie Jin once said: "What are the responsibilities of artists in socialist countries? Only themes and works that are loyal to the people and life will resonate with the broad masses of the people." On December 18, 2018, at the meeting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up , director Xie Jin was awarded the honorary title of "Pioneer of Reform" as a film artist who promotes ideological emancipation and brings order to chaos. He is the only film director to receive this title. This is the highest praise for his work for the times and the people.

    The senior film theorist Zhong Lianpi once said: "Era has Xie Jin, but Xie Jin has no era." As a director who stands at the height of the times and has a rich history, Xie Jin left us, in addition to those films that can be called classics, There are also artistic concepts and film spirit that deserve to be passed down from generation to generation. His works have the background of the times, but his artistic concepts and film spirit are timeless, especially the beautiful and kind characters and simple and sincere emotions of ordinary people, which have the power to touch people's hearts no matter how long it takes. Just like when "Legend of Tianyun Mountain" was released, Xie Jin received tens of thousands of letters from readers. The content of the letters was not only to praise the artistic achievements of the film, but also to connect his own destiny with that of the characters and with the characters in the play. People complained and cried together. Xie Jin’s scholarly spirit of caring about the country and the people, his artistic spirit that moves people with emotion, and his creative spirit that burns life are still worthy of being inherited and carried forward by the new generation of filmmakers to this day, guiding everyone to move forward on the road of artistic creation. , rush forward.

    This year, the Shanghai Film Museum held a series of activities to commemorate the centenary of Xie Jin's birth under the theme of "Innocent Heart". As early as June 16, Dianbo launched "Innocent Heart - Special Exhibition to Commemorate the Centenary of Xie Jin's Birth". The exhibition area is nearly 600 square meters and 534 exhibits/groups are on display. It is the exhibition space of Dianbo in the ten years since its opening. The largest special exhibition with the largest number of exhibits.

    The Lingang Performing Arts Center, operated by Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group, is located in the Lingang Center of the country's first "scientist community" urban unit. It is located at the core of Dingke Community on the south side of Lingang Dishui Lake. It has been officially unveiled since March this year. The first comprehensive theater with over 800 seats in the Lingang area aims to "enrich the public's cultural and entertainment life" and strives to create a new public space with theme + culture + art + social experience. The special exhibition commemorating the centenary of Xie Jin’s birth is the first master’s commemorative film exhibition held by the Lingang Performing Arts Center, which is of great significance.

    It is reported that this film festival has opened reservations to the public, and you can make reservations to watch the film for free at the Shanghai Film Museum and Lingang Performing Arts Center mini-programs.


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