Zhang Yi talks about "Priceless Treasure": This time I revealed everything about myself

    On November 10, the movie "Priceless Treasure" came to Shanghai, the second stop of the film's national roadshow, on the day of its release. Director Zhang Dapeng, lead actor Zhang Yi, starring Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, Zhang Yiman, producer Lu Yan, and editing director Dong Bei and Qiao Lin gathered together to communicate face-to-face with the audience about the most sincere and priceless friendship inside and outside the film, bringing the rich northeastern humor in the film to the South.

    At the Shanghai road show, the main creators of "Priceless" took photos with the audience.

    In the film, Shi Zhenbang (Shitou), played by Zhang Yi, and Yang Wu, played by Pan Binlong, are a pair of down-and-out brothers who are struggling to make ends meet by running a hardware store. In order to collect their debts, they have to temporarily take care of the debtor's child Qianqian. While getting along with Qianqian, the two of them subtly changed from their initial dislike of "oil bottlers" to trying every possible means to "fight for their daughter." Their rough lives also became softer and softer... a "family with no blood relationship". "Three Mouths", showing the freedom and ease of ordinary characters in the chaotic life. In the movie "Priceless Treasure", there are also flashes of poetry in the difficult lives of little people. The collision of romance and realism moved many viewers to tears.

    The film is adapted from the Korean movie "Guarantee", but director Zhang Dapeng said that when he saw the script and decided to take it, it was because he saw more possibilities in it and also incorporated his own life experience and insights.

    "Priceless" poster

    The lead actor Zhang Yi plays an upright and "wrong" "father" in the film this time. The texture of the low-down villain is very different from the "main theme" hero image that Zhang Yi has become more familiar to the audience in recent years. When Zhang Yi talked about this role, he said that he was "a little nervous" this time. The film was filmed two years ago. "We really regard this film as our own and as our own priceless treasure."

    Regarding the audience’s question about the difference between the romantic treatment of balloons in the film’s ending and the original version, Zhang Yi believes that he is “a kind father who wants to protect his daughter as much as possible. The balloon incident in the film is one of the most popular choices in Northeast China. The real news that happens from time to time, and the romance and symbolism of balloons, echo the red balloons in the dream in the middle of the film. This is the director's personal aesthetic orientation. I agree with his orientation, and we all like it."

    Zhang Yi

    On the same day, the movie theme song and promotional song "Just Right" sung by Zhang Yi was released simultaneously. Audiences who had watched the movie said that the song fit the movie very well. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yi could not only act but also sing. The song also has a rock version and a warm version. , which happens to form "translation of static and translation of movement". Talking about "contributing his voice" to the movie this time, Zhang Yi said, "The actor hopes to be reserved and not to reveal everything. Although he can't sing well and dance even worse, this movie It was really under their coercion and inducement that I gave everything to them. I was very happy, I had a great time, and I opened up all my most authentic things."

    Stills of "Priceless Treasure"

    In the post-screening exchange, some attentive viewers also discovered that there were obvious changes in Shi Shi's tattoos before and after the movie. Director Zhang Dapeng interpreted that Shitou was "tolerant", but his "love" for Qianqian also led to subsequent turning points, so there was an additional "bird" representing freedom in the final story. "Stones yearn for freedom from beginning to end, hoping to fly freely in the blue sky and white clouds like a bird." Many viewers were moved by the father-daughter relationship between Shitou and Qianqian in the movie, and generously shared their own and family experiences during the post-screening sharing. They were grateful for such a film to remind them to call their parents often. Zhang Yi said, "Audiences with different experiences will have different understandings and perceptions of the movie. I am particularly happy that everyone has multiple interpretations of the movie."

    Director Zhang Dapeng

    Actor Zhou Yiran believes that what this movie can bring energy to is that "it can see the kindness and true feelings of human nature, which are very needed and precious things for everyone."

    Zhou Yiran


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