Look at that star, it's shining (1)

    【Editor's note】

    In recent film and television works and variety shows, there are always some cute and unforgettable artists. Some of them are new-generation actors, some are just fledgling idols, and some are talented green leaves who have been dormant for many years.

    This column hopes to take this opportunity to capture those stars who are already silently in their own corners and working hard to shine brightly.

    Wang Xingyue

    He is the Liu Zixing who shaved off the male protagonist's bones in "The Legend of Zhou Shengru", which made people hate him so much;

    Stills of "Chow Sheng Ru Ru"

    He is the venomous, arrogant and kind-hearted prince Zhu Shoukui in "The Story of Precious Food";

    Stills from "Fantasy"

    He is Zhong Xiwu, the head of the family who has a "shallow brain" in "The Dark Fragrance Comes", who misses his sister-in-law but does not dare to force her to love him;

    "Qianqian" emoticon package

    He is the only upright and honest Bai Yueguang Zhang Zhe in "Ning'an Like a Dream", but he went to jail for the heroine...

    Stills from "Peace is Like a Dream"

    He withstood the scenes of Guo Hu and Zhu Ruibin, and was even more watchable than the makeup in his own boss's drama. He used his acting skills to repay the weak characters and the scenes that lived in the easter eggs/intermediate commercials.

    Master Zhang, please lock yourself up with the red official uniform!

    He is Wang Xingyue, who was born in 2002. His real name is Wang Tao. He graduated from Chinese drama school and is a little crybaby. Some viewers said that he has a pair of "affectionate eyes" that know how to love, and he has played a lot of infatuated men who are unable to fall in love. Wang Xingyue, who looks young and mature, like a "child born in 1985", is actually still a "child brother" who has not yet reached the legal age for marriage.

    I hope that in the next drama "Mo Yu Yun Jian", he can also use plastic surgery acting skills to bring different surprises to the audience.

    Send me a photo of the battle damage in "Mo Yu Yun Jian".


    Since we mentioned "The Secret Fragrance Comes", we have to cue Amy, who has recently become more prominent.

    Amy, born in 2008, is the "red scarf girl" in "Changjin Lake".

    Screenshot of "Changjin Lake"

    Because of her young age and her debut as a child star, she is called a professional sister/maid by netizens——

    She is Bai Fengxi's unruly little junior sister in "Let's Try the World"↓↓

    Stills from "Let's Try the World"

    She is also Yin Hong in this year's hit costume drama "Changfengdu"↓↓

    Stills from "Chang Feng Ferry"

    In "The Feather of the Clouds", the heroine Yun Weishan participates in the Wufeng trial together, and her sister Yunque struggles in the quagmire↓↓

    "Cloud Feather" stills

    In "The Secret Fragrance Comes", the maid Qian Zhi is loyal to the heroine Hua Qian↓↓

    Stills of "Come for the Secret Fragrance"

    Her performance in the crying scene in "The Secret Fragrance Comes" was also much improved compared to the crying scene in "Let's Try the World" that year. I feel pity for Hua Qian's appearance.

    Although most of her roles are still limited to "heroine accessories", Amy has become a new "Internet daughter" with her lovable appearance and cute and unpretentious acting skills!

    Yu Yao

    Yu Yao, who was born in 2007, is already a "senior actor" even though he is still young.

    In July 2016, he participated in the palace drama "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", playing the role of his childhood second elder brother Yonglian, and has since entered the entertainment industry.

    The second elder brother Yonglian looks really cute when he doesn’t want to study.

    Later, Yu Yao appeared in film and television dramas such as "Havoc in Tianzhu", "Phoenix Prisoner", "One of the Best in the World", "Emergency Doctor", "Song Palace Ci", "Dragon City", "Twinkle Twinkle Star", etc. However, child actors usually play less roles in film and television dramas, and mostly appear in supporting roles.

    Young Western Judgment in "Dragon City"

    In the recent "Under the City", Yu Yao's role as "Lu Zhi" in the play has a heavy role and a complex character. His performance is seasoned and mature, and he became a blockbuster.

    The character "Lu Zhi" appears almost throughout the entire drama, and his tragic life and final choice touch the hearts of every drama follower.

    Screenshot of "Under the City"

    "This character has a tragic background." In several media interviews, when talking about the character "Lu Zhi", Yu Yao was very clear about his status and transformation at each stage. In "Under the City", Yu Yao, at a young age, perfectly portrays the selfishness, sophistication and cruelty of "Lu Zhi", which is really amazing.

    Nowadays, there is no shortage of cute "ziyue" actors, but what they lack is this precocious young actor who can handle complex roles. Although he is still young and has not grown up, his appearance is quite recognizable and he can also hold up the movie camera. If it grows up in a few years and can even take on the ancient puppet show, which is the only way for most young students to become famous, it will be really worth looking forward to.

    I hope the children will grow up well and have a promising future.

    Wei Zheming

    Before the third season of "Beyond the Wind" was broadcast this year, the author's impression of Wei Zheming was still stuck in the stereotype of the male protagonist of various urban romance dramas.

    He's a bit handsome, but not so handsome that he'll make people cry. He's just right to play a boss or a sportsman without being too greasy. Now, this is Wei Zheming's comfort zone.

    In the third season of "Warrior", Wei Zheming tried tap dancing.

    After his appearance in "Brother Pi", he challenged himself to high notes, tap dance, and fast-talking rap. Wei Zheming's handsomeness became very prominent. I remember the song "Zhang San's Song" by Er Gong. Wei Zheming came to the table and danced tap dance. As expected, the handsome guy wanted to slap him in the face.

    And an ordinary conversation made the audience discover that his life can also be written as a modern couple with ups and downs - marrying young, getting married, resigning and getting divorced, and bravely entering the entertainment industry.

    As "Brother Pi" reaches its finals this week, and two urban dramas "Camp with Love" and "I'm Going Against the Wind" are aired one after another, Wei Zheming has returned to his comfort zone: the talented finance professor Yu You and Gao Yi, a business elite whose life experience is a mystery.

    The acting skills are up to standard, and there is a sense of differentiation that does not overwhelm the male protagonist's sophistication. Who wouldn’t want a second male lead like this?

    "Love as Camp" poster

    Compared to this, I am more curious about whether Professor Yu can play a villainous thug in a suit next time?

    Jiang Peiyao

    In the hit drama "Love as Camp", the first female character that stood out to me was Bi Ruoshan, played by Jiang Peiyao.

    In the workplace, she is a sassy, majestic and beautiful reporter, with a perfect temperament; in life, she is the heroine's best friend, an emotional strategist, and a drunken sister in the bar late at night.

    Jiang Peiyao as Bi Ruoshan

    Her hotness is not due to decent clothes or exquisite makeup, but a "sister is the queen" temperament. The most typical scene is when Bi Ruoshan stands up to the scumbag who flirts with her sister and saves the heroine's intern Qin Shiyue (played by Shen Yujie).

    What's even more pitiful is that such a sassy-looking eldest sister, a girl who looks like the "Queen of the Sea", actually has true feelings for the "King of the Sea", which is full of contrast. This pair of sideline CPs are as addictive as the male and female protagonists. It focuses on the ambiguous pull between adults, which is a bit over the top.

    Stills from "Camp with Love"

    Although the author has also seen Jiang Peiyao's "female bestie" performance in dramas such as "Dear, Beloved", "You Are My Fortress", "Just Love", but I must say that Bi Ruoshan is the most unforgettable one of.


    The female protagonist has a best friend, and the male protagonist has a brother. They are all the best candidates to protect the male and female protagonists in their love relationship.

    In "Children of the Qiao Family", he is Qiao Yicheng's colleague and friend, the enthusiastic and humorous TV reporter Song Qingyuan.

    Behind-the-scenes photos of "Children of the Qiao Family"

    In "Please", he is the honest and funny Peng Dahai who follows his master wholeheartedly.

    Stills of "Please"

    The most outstanding character is undoubtedly the fifth young master Yin Qi in last year's "Everyday Life", who seems to be naughty but actually has a pure heart. Xipi and Shangguan Jing, the princess of Danchuan, are "female A and male O". The comedy is full of tension, and who knows who is taking it.

    Stills from "Qingqing's Daily Life"

    This year, he is the thirteenth person in "Tian Geng Ji" who "can travel to the ends of the world with a sword, and can take on household chores".

    Stills from "Tian Geng Ji"

    He is also the unlucky prince in "Lan Gui's Happy Event" who has a sense of joy and often makes things worse.

    Stills from "Lan Gui's Happy Event"

    As a 2008-level undergraduate student of Chinese Opera, Changlong is a green leaf character who has performed brilliantly in many popular dramas in recent years.

    Humor is the key word for many of Changlong's out-of-the-circle roles. It's easy to make the audience laugh in one drama, but being able to make the audience laugh in every drama and make people laugh while crying is a real skill.

    Han Yunyun

    Let's talk about "The Happy Event of Lan Gui". In this drama, the one who impressed me the most is the eldest sister Chun Jinrong!

    Behind-the-scenes photos of "Lan Gui's Happy Event"

    At first I thought this eldest sister was too pretentious, thinking about marrying a wealthy family every day without doing anything, but when something really happened, the eldest sister could show off her best energy to handle the situation. At that time, I felt that this actor was very good at acting. He acted such a pretentious character, but he didn't seem to be annoying at all. Instead, he felt that he had a lot of personality.

    After checking, I found out that the actor's name is Han Yunyun. He was born in 1989. He is an actor in Happy Twist and has acted in comedies for many years.

    She has participated in many TV series and movies that we are familiar with, such as the young Wang Qin in "Hello, Li Huanying", who was the first person in the factory to have a TV.

    But other than that, she plays small supporting roles with little presence, commonly known as walk-ins. For example, in "It's Just Love", she played the "female runner".

    "Hello, Li Huanying" stills

    After Han Yunyun graduated from the Military Culture College of the National Defense University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in 2011, he joined Happy Twist and acted in many dramas, such as "The Count of Wulong Mountain", "Sumoti World", "The Shy Iron Fist", etc. He was recognized by some viewers in comedy variety shows such as "Crazy Comedy Season 3", "Comedy Story Season 2" and "Gold Medal Comedy Class".

    Stills from "Gold Medal Comedy Class"

    The author discovered that she even appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala! Last year during the Spring Festival Gala, she performed the sketch "Story in the Rest Area" with Guo Donglin, Shao Feng, Huang Yang and others.

    Zhao Yibo

    Zhao Yibo, a young man who became famous with "Farming".

    This younger brother was born in Changzhi, Shanxi Province in 1998. He graduated from the Marine Engineering Department of the Merchant Shipping College of Shanghai Maritime University. He is considered a rare man in science and engineering in domestic entertainment. Because of this, he drove a rotary tiller, drew engineering drawings, taught himself circuits to make an incubator in the show, and even passed the agricultural equipment driving license before the show started filming.

    Zhao Yibo's first appearance in the industry was when he was doing welding while wearing goggles, and was known as the "Chosen Farming Hero".

    Zhao Yibo

    November 6th is Zhao Yibo’s birthday. During the birthday live broadcast that day, the host’s first question made “Secretary Zhao” shy.

    Which director's image best matches the person in the picture?


    That is of course Zhao Yibo.

    It can be said that everyone in the "Ten Days of Hard Work" in "Young Man Farming" has a "dark history" and all of them are "conspicuous". But when it comes to the number of "black histories", Li Hao and Zhao Yibo account for more than half. Alas, who allowed these two people born in the 1990s to do wrong and leave countless traces on major short video websites.

    Hey, Zhao Yibo, there are only 0 and countless times for women’s clothing.

    Oh, I also have to mention the four options on the board in the previous picture. Zhao Yibo is the "Secretary Zhao" in the show, corresponding to Jiang Dunhao, the chairman of "Ten Qintian", and "Secretary Zhao" is also "Secretary Zhao" " is a homophonic sound. Well, Zhao Yibo's "Black History" has the clip-sounding "ChuMi", and the third child, Li Gengyun, is the victim of "ChuMi" (of course, Li Gengyun later joined in after being defeated, "ChuMi" "The combat power is not inferior to that of Zhao Yibo). As for the eighth brother He Haonan, well, 85CP has too many names. By the way, Zhao Yibo was born on November 6, 1998, and He Haonan was born on November 6, 2000.

    He Haonan and Zhao Yibo

    Due to signing with iQiyi's Super Upward Agency, Zhao Yibo has appeared in many dramas broadcast on the iQiyi platform, such as "The Perfect Match", "Mommy's Counterattack", etc. However, in recent times, his roles are all It's just "outstanding", such as the recently aired "I'm Going Against the Wind".

    The costume fantasy fairy tale "The Phoenix Is Above", which was launched on October 20, is Zhao Yibo's first starring role. He plays opposite Jiang Zhenyu.

    "The Phoenix Is Above" is adapted from the comic book of the same name, written by Ao Ozawa.

    If you just look at the plot introduction, the drama seems to be a heroine drama, telling the story of a modern girl Xi Yuan (played by Jiang Zhenyu) who travels to the mysterious world to protect the common people. Zhao Yibo plays Jin Yunxi, who is set as a "wild cat domineering prince" in the comics. It is reported that the show is currently scheduled for 2024.

    Which star has fallen into your eyes? Please leave a message in the comment area.


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