Actor Hu Xianxu: "A Journey Across the Moon" is about love and the transmission of love

    The film "A Journey Through the Moon", directed by Li Weiran and starring Zhang Zifeng and Hu Xianxu, was officially released on May 1, 2024. The film is adapted from Chi Zijian's novel "Andante in the Moonlight", which tells the pure love story of a newlywed couple who keep running in both directions and keep passing each other while working in different places.

    In the film summary, Zhang Zifeng plays Lin Xiushan and Hu Xianxu plays Wang Rui. The newlyweds live in two different places due to work and can only see each other once a month. However, on a surprise vacation, they embark on a two-way journey full of expectations. The train runs in the dark, and the two are looking forward to the arrival of dawn with joy. During this journey, they meet all kinds of passengers, witness the various aspects of life together, and deeply appreciate the true meaning of love.

    This is the second collaboration between the two leading actors after "Little Farewell". In the blink of an eye, the child stars of that year have become mature adults in the movie, making fans sigh at the passing of time.

    Stars such as Wu Tiaoren, Feng Shaofeng, Li Chen, Michelle Chen, Yuan Wenkang, Huang Xiaolei and others played various roles along the way, including passengers, flight attendants, hotel owners, etc., making the journey back and forth "starry".

    There are joys and sorrows on a green train. Some people hold roses and meet their lovers with full anticipation, while others play the harmonica in shackles with tears in their eyes. The film is full of laughter and tears, which makes people have endless aftertaste. Each character in it has his own exclusive story. They sincerely convey their passion for life and yearning for romantic love to the public. The sincere emotions flowing of ordinary people in the great era inspire the audience to have insights and thoughts about life.

    Hu Xianxu

    Hu Xianxu plays the construction worker Wang Rui in the film, which is very different from his previous roles. Talking about this role, Hu Xianxu said that the most important emotional connection between himself and Wang Rui is "the degree of belief in this relationship. If I want to play him well, I must first be very dedicated and believe in this marriage and this love." At the same time, Hu Xianxu said, "I have to restore the state of a husband in the 1990s as much as possible. I need to have a better understanding of that time, so I also did a lot of homework in private." As for his performance, Hu Xianxu felt that "I feel that the presentation is okay, and it is not very close to me. It can be regarded as a character, but it is not fabricated out of thin air. There are still many grasping points."

    There is a heartwarming scene in the film, in which Wang Rui, who lost one shoe while running to catch a train, chooses to throw the other shoe out of the window after getting on the train. Hu Xianxu interpreted this plot design as the protagonist's wish to "pass on love." "These two people, in addition to their love for each other, also have a love for life. They have the ability to love each other, the ability to love others, and the ability to pass on love. This is what makes Wang Rui so remarkable." Because of this awareness, "his first reaction was not to find a way to get the shoe back and then get another pair. He thought about throwing the shoe on the platform for others to pick up. It is a kindness to be able to pick up a pair. We also hope that after watching this movie, everyone can pass on this love to more people."

    On the first day of its release, the film earned over 17 million at the box office.


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