What to watch this week | May Day box office exceeds 1.3 billion

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    Theater box office

    According to Maoyan Professional Edition data, as of 14:32 on May 4, the total box office of new May Day movies in 2024 (including pre-sales) exceeded 1.3 billion yuan. "Peacekeepers", "Thelma and Louise" and "The Siege of Kowloon Walled City" are the top three in the box office list.​

    This year's May Day single-day box office champion has changed positions. "Peacekeepers" won the single-day box office champion on May 1 and 2, but the single-day box office champion on May 3 has become "Thelma and Louise". As of 16:00 on May 4, according to Beacon Professional version, "Thelma and Louise" temporarily tops the single-day box office list. According to Beacon's AI box office forecast, the final box office of "Thelma and Louise" was 704 million yuan, and the final box office of "Peacekeepers" was 655 million yuan.

    According to Maoyan Movie Professional Edition data, the total box office for the four days of May 1st in 2019 (May 1st to May 4th) exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. It can be seen that the movie box office market in 2024 has basically returned to the pre-epidemic level, which lays a good foundation for the box office trend in the following May.

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    Film festival information

    The 26th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 14th to 23rd. On April 29, the organizing committee announced that Tran Anh Hung, who won the Best Director Award at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in 2023 for "Fondue", will serve as the chairman of the Golden Goblet Award Jury at this year's Shanghai International Film Festival. . The works of this French-Vietnamese director combine expressions of Eastern and Western cultures, and are delicate and sensitive.

    Director Chen Yingxiong serves as chairman of the jury of the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Goblet Award

    The 77th Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 14 to May 25, 2024. On April 29, the organizing committee announced that in addition to Greta Gerwig, the chairperson of the main competition unit who had been confirmed early, this year’s judges also include Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda, Turkish screenwriter Ebru Ceylan, and French actor Iris. Green, American actress Lily Gladstone, Lebanese director Nadine Labaki, Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona, Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, French actor O A total of eight people including Ma Xi.

    Kore-eda Hirokazu, Eva Green and others were selected as the 2024 Cannes main competition jury lineup

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    【TV drama】

    New drama information

    The contemporary urban drama "I Live Elsewhere" starring Zhong Chuxi and Liu Xueyi will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video from May 6.

    The suspense drama "Rebirth" starring Jing Boran and Zhou Yiran will be broadcast exclusively on Youku from May 6.

    The urban emotional drama "Another Kind of Blue" starring Song Qian and Zhou Yimin will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle Private Theater on May 8, and will be broadcast exclusively on Mango TV.

    New drama|Suspense "Rebirth", romance "Another Kind of Blue"

    The TV series "Hometown of the Stars" starring Pan Zhilin, Xu Yang, Wang Jinsong and Wu Qijiang is scheduled to be broadcast on CCTV-1 prime time starting from May 7. The drama will be filmed in 2022.

    The costume drama "The Best Son-in-Law" starring Wang Ziqi, Lu Yuxiao, Wang Hongyi, Kong Xueer, He Qiu and others was launched on April 28.

    The fantasy comedy "My Mom is the School Beauty" produced by Happy Mahua started filming in Guangzhou on April 26, starring Deng Enxi, Jiang Long, and Liu Xening.

    "Twelve Letters" opening photo

    The light fantasy emotional drama "Twelve Letters" held a launch ceremony in Meizhou, Guangdong on April 30 and officially announced the starring lineup. It will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video. The series is starring Zhou Yiran and Wang Yinglu, with Zheng Hehui and Ren Youlun as special guests. Starring, starring Zhang Qi.

    Adapted from Remy's novel of the same name, the new drama "Mermaid" directed by Yang Lei was launched on April 30, and will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video, starring Huang Yangtiantian, Dong Yong, and Kaifai Tai.

    The costume drama "Book of Dreams" directed by Guo Hu has officially announced the full starring cast, and will be broadcast exclusively on iQiyi. The series is starring Li Yitong and Liu Yuning, with Zhu Xudan, Wang Yilun, Wang Chengsi and others starring, and Changlong, Wang Youshuo, Chen Zihan and others. Special appearance.

    "Dark Fire"

    After "The Storm Chaser", director Yao Xiaofeng's another work "Dark Fire" got off to a slow start after being aired. The series stars Tong Yao and Zhang Xincheng. The drama is adapted from the novel "Little South Wind" written by Jiu Yuexi. , tells a shocking story caused by a bizarre murder case in a quiet town.

    "Dark Fire" stills

    Under the Rashomon-style suspenseful atmosphere, domestic violence, husband murder, rumors, small town atmosphere, sister-brother love and other elements enhance the realism background of the play and arouse empathy for public issues and the plight of women. and discussion, which increases the topicality of the play.

    In addition, unlike "Storm Chaser", the camera style and visual effects of the drama are more stylized, and the non-linear narrative technique increases the suspense of the drama. There is a certain threshold for watching the drama, which requires patience, so the drama After the episode aired, the overall popularity trend was slow. Currently, the drama ranks among the top five in lists such as Beacon and V List.

    "Please fall in love with me like this"

    The series stars Hu Yitian, Liang Jie, Dai Xu, Liu Chang and others. It mainly revolves around magazine editor-in-chief Ye Han, physical education teacher Li Xiaoxiao, magazine publisher Xu Jiacheng and former model sister Tong Yiwen. It tells the story of four people in the drama. In love and career, after multiple tests, separation and reunification, they finally gain their respective happiness stories. Through four sets of CPs and multiple branch plots, explore the essence of love under different love modes. This is also the second collaboration between Hu Yitian and Liang Jie after "Peerless Two Prides".

    "Please fall in love with me like this" stills

    When the series started airing, the physical education teacher character played by Liang Jie triggered a wave of heated discussions on Weibo about young people's attitude towards marriage urging and marriage because of a scene where she angrily criticized the clerk for being unfriendly while buying books in a bookstore. It brought a lot of popularity to the series. But where it is hot, there is also cold. Although the plot is a remake of "A Gentleman's Dignity", the execution is not ideal. Some viewers found it interesting, but there were also many negative comments, thinking that the show was boring, cliched and draggy. The popularity of the series was average. It reached 5,000 on iQiyi two days after its launch. It barely entered the top ten on the Beacon and Delta lists. The overall trend was flat.

    "Young Babylon"

    The play stars Yang Caiyu, Hou Minghao, and Xiang Hanzhi. It is adapted from Lu Nei's novel of the same name and has a certain serious literary foundation. The film adaptation of the same name received positive creative reputation as early as 2017. The story tells the story of a group of wayward young people pursuing love, friendship, dreams and growth in a small southeastern coastal town in the 1990s.

    "Young Babylon" stills

    The series is full of retro and nostalgic style. The story unfolds in the 1990s and uses the growth story of a small character from the perspective of youth to show the social changes in the transition period of the era. Compared with the realism of the original work and movie, the drama version is more entertaining and relaxed. The youthful passion that the drama wants to create can also be seen in the casting. The drama team considered the presentation form and audience of the drama to reduce the heavy and gloomy feel. Trying to capture the preferences of younger audiences. With Zhu Yu first, it is inevitable that the drama version will be compared. The overall film and television style is also very different from the film version.

    In terms of popularity, it performs well on the list and has a certain degree of discussion, but it still does not meet the standard of a popular drama. Judging from audience feedback, the youth route taken by the series is relatively successful. Many young viewers said that the interspersed stage plays, mime and other forms are very novel and attractive, and are middle-aged, passionate, youthful, loyal, and full of youthfulness. , has received more positive recognition, and its popularity on the Tencent site has gradually increased. It may rely on word-of-mouth to bring a wave of popularity.

    "Stealing the General's Half Day"

    Starring Guo Pinchao, Zhang Miaoyi and others, the series tells the story of Shen Keyi, a concubine living outside the country, who marries the "cold-faced" war god Wen Ye on behalf of her legitimate sister. The two go from being wary of each other to opening their hearts, and face a series of challenges together. A story of progress and love together.

    Stills from "Stealing the General's Half a Day's Leisure"

    The play focuses on "substitute marriage" and "marriage first, love later", and unfolds the plot with the identity of the heroine being misplaced, providing twists and turns and visibility for the emotional development of the male and female protagonists. As a costume drama, these two labels have accurately attracted the audience of this type of drama. However, the high degree of repetition of genres has also led to a lack of innovation in the drama, especially in this year's new era of "face-changing" in the costume market. In contrast to the label, the overall appeal is mediocre and the audience's attention is limited. Judging from audience feedback, Guo Pinchao's personal charm and comedy elements have gained certain recognition, and fans and audiences of this genre can watch it for fun.

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    【Variety Show】

    iQIYI is about to launch the immersive survival challenge variety show "Return to Reality in Ten Days" . High-powered challengers from all walks of life will conduct 10 days of uninterrupted fully closed recording in a real city, experiencing mental, physical, psychological games, Teamwork to challenge four game levels and eventually return to real life.

    The currently announced guests are: Lin Gengxin, Shen Yue, Li Xueqin, Zhang Yunlong, Chen Yanxi, Zhang Dada, Wu Qilong, Yao Chen, Chen Jingke, Li Gengxi, Wang Herun, Pang Bo, Zhang Youhao, Xing Aowei, etc.

    Hunan Satellite TV's audio variety "Singer 2024" will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV at 20:00 every Friday starting from May 10. "Singer 2024", as the "international version" of the "Singer" series, is the program that returned after 4 years after "Singer: The Year of the Fight" in 2020.

    After an absence of three years, "New Rap 2024" is back on iQiyi. The collection episode will be launched on April 27, and the main film will be broadcast on May 4. For the first time this year, the program will use four groups of eight mentors. Fan Chengcheng and Zhang Wei will join, and Zhang Zhenyue will return. Working with hot dogs again. Four groups of star producers presented the first wave of explosive stage.

    The seventh episode of the reality show "We Three" will be broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV on May 4. From the mountains to the sea, Guo Qilin, Mao Buyi, and Wei Daxun set off by boat and went straight to Weizhou Island in the Beihai Sea of ​​Guangxi, which has beautiful scenery and delicious food.

    On May 3, the second episode of the unscripted impromptu reality show "Brilliant Garden" was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. Na Ying, Su Jianxin, and plant blogger Tuke came to visit, chatted with Zhang Songwen about plant knowledge, and went out to "treasure hunt" in the middle of the night. The last "garden family member" Zeng Shunxi arrived late at night and specially brought Chaozhou snacks to share with everyone.

    "Chengfeng 2024" second song selection, the first song "Hair as Snow" Chen Lijun, Liu Yan, Sa Dingding, Chen Wuyu all four members neatly entered the second song to challenge the new style and difficult singing and dancing "Reverse" .

    Jiangsu Satellite TV's "Here Comes You" aired every Friday, Wilber Pan, Fiona Sit, Zhang Bichen, Wu Yi, Zhang Zining, Wang Linkai, and Gao Qingchen "transitioned" to Wanning, Hainan to start a new "Journey to You". Flying guests Yang Yunqing and Na Lisa joined the show as a surprise.

    China Central Radio and Television's travel culture documentary series "Walking the World - Qinghai" will be broadcast on CCTV-9 at 19:23 every day from April 28th to May 7th. It is reported that the film invited six travelers, Wu Dan, Liu Yapeng, Hu Xiao, Wang Yaojie, Chen Yueyuan, and Tan Wenying. It lasted for one year and traveled to 8 cities and states in Qinghai, covering a distance of more than 50,000 kilometers. They experienced the vastness through walking experience. Qinghai, meet the ultimate Qinghai through route design.

    On May 4, the first episode of the documentary "Youth Running Forward" was broadcast on the dual platforms of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. With its unique perspective and delicate lens, it focuses on these sparkling youth stories in the new era.


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