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    On the morning of June 26, the "Shanghai Audiovisual" boutique promotion conference, hosted by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and co-organized by Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Production Industry Association, was successfully held in the central hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center. Zhong Xiaomin, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Director of Shanghai Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, attended and delivered a speech. Luo Yi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Wang Leiqing, Party Committee Member and Vice President of Shanghai Radio and Television Station, Yang Wenhong, President of Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Production Industry Association and founder of Xingge Media, Yu Zhiqing, Vice President and Full-time Secretary General of Shanghai Radio, Film and Television Production Industry Association, Liang Zhenhua, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Beijing Normal University, and famous film and television screenwriter and producer, as well as heads of major film and television institutions and media representatives from all over the country, attended the event.

    The promotion meeting is divided into four chapters. The "Shanghai Fireworks" unit focuses on "Shanghai Stories" and deeply explores various aspects of urban life: "Liang Chen Meijing" is the first in the "Shanghai Series" created by Xixi Pictures. The work will restore the scenery and style of Shanghai in the 1990s. The dialogue of the characters will retain the characteristics of Shanghai dialect. At the same time, it combines Shanghai's street food, roadside buildings, and the daily necessities and interpersonal relationships in the alleys, which are full of a strong sense of fireworks. The play is in script development and is expected to start shooting next year. "A Pretty Good Life" produced by Shangshi Pictures is directed by Wang Jun and starred by Sun Li and Dong Zijian. The play focuses on the insurance industry in the financial development of Shanghai in the new era. It uses warm stories to write about the transformation and reshaping of the new generation of insurance people and eulogize the happy life of the people in the new era. The play is currently being filmed in Shanghai.

    The "Time Theme" unit closely follows the development context, and glimpses the changes of the great era in the joys and sorrows of the little people. "Eight Thousand Miles of Clouds and Moons" produced by Dingshi Culture tells the story of a group of little people experiencing nine Mid-Autumn Festivals during the Anti-Japanese War, showing the joys and sorrows experienced by the Chinese people in a special era, as well as their common beliefs in the face of the righteousness of the country and the nation. By depicting the cruelty of war and the devastation of life under the ravages of war, it interprets the theme of "anti-war" and is a tribute to the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. This drama is another masterpiece of Director Zhang Yongxin after "Awakening Age", and is currently being filmed intensively in Hengdian. "Baoqingli", the first production of Shanghai Radio and Television Station and produced by Lemon Meng Films, tells the story of the grassroots workers of the Baoqingli old district renovation project who fought wits and courage with everyone in order to improve the living environment of the residents in the lane, overcame many difficulties, and successfully completed the old district renovation project after three relocations. "True Heroes" produced by Yaoke Culture is adapted from real cases. It is based on 8 groups of heroic model figures and collectives in the five major political and legal units of public security, procuratorate, courts, justice, and national security. It tells the true story of the political and legal system protecting the safety and peace of the people. The drama has completed post-production.

    The "Vanxiang Rebirth" unit, with its rich themes, diverse perspectives, and novel narratives, has become a highlight of the "Shanghai Audiovisual" boutique creation in recent years. "Dafeng Night Watchman" is produced by Xinli Film and Television. The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by the newspaper seller. It tells the story of night watchman Xu Qian'an and his companions repeatedly solving strange cases, fighting against dark forces, and protecting the stability of Dafeng. The play was completed at the end of last year and is in post-production. As the largest two-dimensional community in China, Bilibili has gradually made efforts in the field of dramas in recent years. The original IP real-life drama "Time Agent" of the same name has landed on B Station on June 19. As an urban fantasy suspense drama, the drama adopts the form of a unit drama, which not only shows the charm of fantasy and suspense, but also heals countless audiences through emotional resonance. "Narrow Road", created by Shishang Pictures, is adapted from the novel of the same name. It is the latest creation of the production team of "Don't Be Moved by Me" and "Dear, Beloved", interpreting the youth story of the passionate youth group chasing their dreams and fighting to the peak. "Seven Nights of Snow" produced by Huace Film & TV tells the story of a male and female protagonist with their own obsessions, who go from being at loggerheads to becoming close friends who appreciate each other, but find it difficult to express their love due to their respective responsibilities, and eventually are separated forever. The drama has been completed and is in post-production.

    The "Famous Writers and Famous Works" unit presents three classic works of contemporary Chinese literature: Jia Pingwa's Qinqiang, Yu Hua's Wencheng and Wang Anyi's Tianxiang, which are rural themes, small town themes and Shanghai local themes respectively, showing the ability and production strength of Shanghai film and television production institutions in the proposition of film and television adaptation of classic literature. Qinqiang is brought by Shanghai Elephant Entertainment Group, which has produced works such as Special Warfare Glory and Wind Blowing Half Summer. It is adapted from the novel of the same name that won the 7th Mao Dun Literature Award in 2008. The play unfolds with two lines, one is Qinqiang opera, and the other is the relationship between farmers and land. The two lines are intertwined, telling the joys and sorrows of two generations of the Xia family in the village of Qingfeng Street, and recreating the fierce impact and changes brought to the countryside by the great transformation of Chinese society. "Wencheng" has been approved by Tencent Penguin in Shanghai. It is adapted from Yu Hua's novel of the same name. It tells the story of Lin Xiangfu, a young man from the north, and Xiaomei, a woman from the south, who met and fell in love by accident in the early years of the Republic of China. They experienced love, hate, sorrow, joy, and ups and downs, and led to a life of banditry, revitalization of industry, and protection of Xizhen. Liang Zhenhua, a famous film and television screenwriter and producer, focused on introducing the heavyweight project "Tianxiang", which was produced by Shanghai Radio and Television Station as the first producer and adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous writer Wang Anyi. The story tells the story of Xiaochou, Xiao'e, and Min's daughter, who became close friends in the boring life of living in a deep house for a long time, and the three of them created "Tianxiang Garden Embroidery" and made it famous in Songjiang.

    At the event, Yu Zhiqing, director of the Shanghai Film and Television Production Service Agency, gave a detailed introduction to the brand services supporting the Shanghai film and television industry. Since its establishment in 2014, the Shanghai Film and Television Production Service Agency has provided nearly 9,000 film and television agencies from all over the country with free policy acceptance, information consultation and coordination services nearly 15,000 times, and provided coordination services for nearly 800 crews to shoot in Shanghai. At the same time, it continues to enrich the resource library of filming locations in Shanghai, and the number of film and television shooting locations currently in use has reached more than 430.

    In recent years, "Shanghai Audiovisual" has produced many high-quality projects and its filming services are well-known throughout the country. During this TV Festival, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai Municipal Radio and Television Bureau set up the "Shanghai Audiovisual" theme pavilion for the first time and held a high-quality promotion conference. Relying on the international platform of the Shanghai TV Festival, through project display, theme recommendation, creative description, service explanation and other forms, the brand charm of "Shanghai Audiovisual" was concentratedly displayed to all walks of life at home and abroad, presenting a new atmosphere for the development of Shanghai's film and television industry.

    In recent years, Shanghai audio-visual products represented by Shanghai-produced TV series have achieved good results in the domestic and international markets. This year, eight Shanghai-produced dramas, including "Flower", "Fireworks Family", "City in the City", "Cheng Huan Ji", and "Joy of Life Season 2", have premiered on CCTV's prime time, setting a record high. "Flower" has become a phenomenal cultural event, driving the offline "culture and tourism fever" and "Shanghainese fever" that continue to this day. "City in the City", which presents the "Chinese-style financial development path" in a panoramic way, has "double-broken" popularity and reputation, achieving a "hard-core" breakthrough in realistic themes. Urban themes "Cheng Huan Ji" and "Don't Be Moved by Me", the fairy-tale drama "Traveling with the Phoenix", and the ancient costume legend "Joy of Life Season 2" have caused heated discussions. In particular, "New Life" and other dramas have been broadcast simultaneously on international mainstream platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix, and have been welcomed by audiences on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Shanghai film and television companies use excellent cultural products to represent the country in cultural industry competition and participate in global civilization exchanges and mutual learning.

    In the coming period, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai Municipal Radio and Television Bureau will further promote the creation of "Shanghai-produced dramas" from the following three aspects: First, comprehensively enhance the international communication influence of "Shanghai-produced dramas". Vigorously promote the "exporting" of "Shanghai audio-visual" products, strengthen cooperation with overseas media platforms and hub institutions, encourage and support more excellent TV series, online dramas, documentaries, cartoons, variety shows, etc. produced in Shanghai to land overseas, and show the credible, lovely and respectable image of China and the ever-changing urban style of Shanghai. Second, further build a "Shanghai-produced drama" city IP reservoir. Based on Shanghai's red culture, Shanghai culture, and Jiangnan culture, starting from the most resourceful and advantageous places in Shanghai, transform urban resources into the source of inspiration, spiritual connotation and visual expression for film and television creation, present the image of Shanghai city in a more complete, three-dimensional and fuller way, and make audio-visual works a window for the world to observe China. Third, continue to improve and strengthen the business service system of "Shanghai-produced dramas". In accordance with the international practices, market rules and artistic laws of the film and television industry, through the sustainable development methods such as improving policies, optimizing services, and allocating resources, we will achieve full-process services for key projects. In particular, relying on the "Shanghai Film and Television Production Service Platform" which was the first to be established in the country, convenient services are provided to all those coming to Shanghai for filming, and the combination of "effective market" and "effective government" is continuously strengthened. A good business environment is created for the construction of Shanghai's global film and television creation center, and contributions are made to Shanghai's construction of a best practice base for Xi Jinping's cultural thoughts.


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