The 2024 summer movie season is coming, which one do you want to watch the most?

    This summer, along with the rising temperature, the Chinese film market is also hot. So far, more than 80 Chinese and foreign films have gathered in the hot summer season. From the content of the films, this year's summer season has a rich variety of films and a large number of excellent films, from domestic masterpieces to imported blockbusters, from hilarious comedies to criminal investigation suspense, from animated Chinese comics to new literary works. New films with their own characteristics have chosen to meet the audience in this hot summer season. Among these wonderful films, which one do you want to watch the most?

    The main theme plays the strongest note, and the original intention and mission are "ignited"

    "Devoting Your Life to the Party" tells the story of how Communist Party members Zhou Yiqun, Jin Tong, Xiao Hong and others waged a heroic struggle against the Kuomintang spy organization, and how Zhou Yiqun eventually assisted Comrade He Long in participating in the Nanchang Uprising, made an indelible contribution to the party's army building, and fulfilled his ambition of "devoting your life to the Party."

    Excellent domestic films are released one after another, and the good shows are getting hot

    A number of diversified domestic commercial films with rich genres and high quality will also take turns to debut in this hot summer season, vying to meet the audience and injecting strong momentum into the fierce summer season again.

    Realistic films are fascinating and gripping. The warm and realistic film "Reverse Life" explores how people find courage and faith and redefine the direction of their lives when facing adversity and difficulties in life.

    The Cantonese opera film "Lady Qiaoguo" uses film narrative combined with Cantonese opera expression to reproduce the story of Lady Xian, a famous politician and military strategist during the Southern and Northern Dynasties, who made outstanding contributions to maintaining national unity, promoting ethnic unity, and promoting the development of Lingnan.

    Animated films are exciting and entertaining

    The Chinese-style animated film "Umbrella Girl" will open an imaginative fantasy journey for the audience in the summer. The film cleverly incorporates China's intangible cultural heritage and rich calligraphy, painting and sculpture art, presenting a double feast of vision and culture for the audience.

    The domestic animated film "Falling into the Mortal World" brings the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl and the myth of the stars to the big screen. It tells the story of Jin Feng, a descendant of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, who descends to the mortal world to atone for his mother's sins and conquers the stars, and unexpectedly forms an alliance with Xiao Fan, a mortal girl who wants to go to the gods to find her mother. It shows the audience a new Chinese aesthetic style and a story with strong Chinese emotions.

    The latest masterpiece of the "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" series, "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Guardian", tells the story of a mysterious and powerful force coveting a magical gem that maintains the stable operation of the natural ecology. In order to prevent the crisis, the goat and the wolf fight side by side again and protect their homeland with their new partners. The film not only continues the relaxed humor and entertaining style of the "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" series, but also adds richer emotions and profound thinking. When watching this movie, the audience can enjoy the visual feast of the super-burning mecha fighting, and also feel the strong emotional resonance and spiritual shock.

    In addition, feature films such as "Welcome to Me", "Legend", and "Her Little Dimples", documentaries "Searching for Nature: Earth's Past" and "Searching for Nature: The Invisible Force", and other diversified and multi-genre films, which are either warm and touching, or youthful, or tortuous and fantastic, will effectively meet the diverse viewing needs of audiences of different ages.

    Imported films are released one after another, and the audio-visual experience is "cool"

    Hollywood films are colorful: "A Quiet Place: Day of Invasion" describes the first day of the "silent apocalypse" when humans are vulnerable to monsters. The bustling New York becomes a silent and isolated city, and humans stage an extreme escape.

    "Despicable Me 4" tells the story of how the Gru family welcomes a new member "Mini Gru" and joins forces with the enlarged Super Minions to fight against bullies.

    In addition, "Tornado" tells the story of Kate, a storm chaser, who had a tragic experience encountering a tornado. Later, she was recruited by her friends to retest the storm chasing system and met another storm chasing live broadcast team.


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