Premiere | Director of "Silent Killing" Ke Wenli: Every role has a twist

    The thriller and suspense film "Silence", which has been scheduled to be released nationwide on July 3, held the premiere of "Did You Hear You" in Beijing on that day. Director and screenwriter Ke Wenli, Wang Chuanjun, Zhang Junning, Wu Zhenyu, Wang Shengdi, Cai Ming, Huang Minghao, Xu Jiao, Aruna, Wang Chengsi and other actors appeared together to share the behind-the-scenes stories of the filming.

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    The story of "Silent Killing" takes place in a school called "Jinghua Girls' High School" in Southeast Asia. A junior high school girl Huijun (played by Xu Jiao) has been bullied on campus for a long time and fell from a height to her death. However, not only did the violence not stop, The disaster even spreads to best friend Xiaotong (played by Wang Shengdi). Strangely, the bullies also died under the hammer one after another. Behind the serial murder case, people who are hard to escape suspicion have surfaced one by one: Xiaotong's mother (played by Zhang Junning) witnessed her daughter being glued shut but kept silent, and school worker Lin Zaifu (played by Wang Chuanjun) seemed to know the inside story but was cold and distant... The murder Who is the rainy night butcher of bullies? As Zongzong's filthy past was revealed one by one, everyone was pushed to the forefront.

    "Silent Kill" poster

    In 2019, with the ups and downs of the plot, the movie "Manslaughter" received both box office and word-of-mouth success, and director Ke Wenli began to enter the public eye.

    Speaking of which, he started filming his first feature film "Silent Kill" as early as 2018. The film is his graduation work while studying as a graduate student. It was featured in the "Chinese New Style Unit" of the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2023. In this remake of "Silent Kill", Ke Wenli used a new cast and made more innovations in script, photography, art and performance.

    At the premiere, he said, "It is no worse than "Manslaughter". For every character in "Silence", I try to flip between the victim and the perpetrator."

    Talking about the inspiration for "Silent Kill", Ke Wenli said that it came from a social news: a daughter did not come home after school, but the surveillance showed that she had returned to the building. Her mother went to each house to ask, and finally found out She was murdered. "In fact, when the case occurred, many people heard the noise, but everyone chose to remain silent, and no one stopped or called the police, which ultimately led to tragedy. Sometimes silence can kill. When something happens, I hope everyone can lend a helping hand.”

    Director Ke Wenli

    The poster for "Silent Kill" includes the reminder "underage viewers are advised to watch with caution", which shows that the scale of the film is astonishing. When sharing their filming experiences, the main creators started complaining mode: Wang Chuanjun revealed that when filming a scene in a confined space, he was smeared with 20 kilograms of prickly heat powder; Zhang Junning said that he was soaked in at least 200 kilograms of rainwater during the filming on a rainy day; Wu Zhenyu joked that the crew You can wait for a day to wait for the dark clouds; Wang Shengdi endured the exhaustion for several hours without eating or drinking while filming the scene of being stuck on the wall; Xu Jiao made her character image more realistic and exposed herself to the sun every day from the first scene...

    Faced with the "fire" of the actors, Ke Wenli laughed and joked: "In this drama, I have a nickname called 'Ke Tianliang', which means 'stay up late filming until dawn'!"

    Stills of "Silent Kill"

    In the post-screening communication session, Wang Hongwei, professor and director of Beijing Film Academy, recalled that in April 2021, he and Ke Wenli discussed the script of "Silent Kill" in the studio. "Before watching the movie, I actually did some psychological research. Construction, but I didn't expect that there were still so many unexpected plot points. The name of the script at that time was still called "Hopeless", which was also a very good name. The movie showed a hopeless world in which everyone was trapped. "Criminal" and "The King of Crime Movies" Wang Chuanjun has been playing bad guys in summer movies for two years in a row. I hope you will "change your ways" and play more good guys in the future. "

    The director of last year's summer box office champion "All or Nothing" bid for the Olympics and expressed congratulations to Ke Wenli, "This movie has many clues, from the plot to the audiovisual, it is very shocking." At the scene, he also asked about the role played in "All or Nothing" Wang Chuanjun, the leader of the electronic fraud gang, asked, "This time, do you think you are playing a good person or a bad person?" The latter immediately gave the answer, "I am just playing a 'person'."

    Wang Chuanjun

    The movie "Wide the Angry Sea" released last year is similar in theme to "Silence". Cao Baoping, the director of the film, said in his speech that the first half of "Silent Kill" is scary, the second half is cruel, and the ending is very warm. "The director buried a lot of 'buttons' in the film and left many twists and turns in the film. They were all achieved by the actors rolling in blood and mud. Especially Wang Chuanjun and Zhang Junning, it was not easy this time. A thousand words can be said. , I hope "Silence" will sell well and be a good start for the summer movie market to turn around."

    Zhang Junning


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