62-year-old Andy Lau shed tears on the concert stage, slid down on the high platform and netizens called it dangerous

    Last night (July 5), Andy Lau's concert opened at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena. How many friends came to the scene to see "Andy"? However, at the concert, Andy Lau's two stage moves made netizens call it scary!

    A fan filmed a stage move in which Andy Lau slid down on his knees on the platform. From the bird's-eye view, Andy Lau was very close to the edge of the platform, and many viewers said: It's too dangerous!

    "After all, Andy is getting older, there is really no need to design such stage movements. If he gets hurt, it will be more trouble than gain," one netizen commented. There was also a stage lift design, and Andy Lau almost stepped on the wrong spot and fell.

    Netizen comments: Really dedicated

    In this regard, many netizens said that the king is really dedicated.

    Xiaon囧囧囧: He deserves to be famous for decades, he is so self-disciplined and hardworking, he doesn't look like a 62-year-old at all. I would believe it if you said he was 26.

    Momo Big Night Cat: It’s not a sin for a man to cry. I’m glad to see Andy Lau in such good shape. He is so dedicated. I hope I can get a spot in Chengdu-Chongqing.

    Big sister’s daily life: He is so old but still working so hard, shouldn’t we respect him and give Andy Lau some more applause?

    But some people also think that such complicated and dangerous action designs can be avoided on the stage, after all, Andy Lau is not young anymore.

    Miss Fang ff324: It was really terrifying to watch.

    Chi Chi 75: Very dangerous. I suggest canceling this action.

    Sheep Running in the Night: There’s really no need to make it so dangerous. There are so many scenes to come.

    Yami_: It’s a bit scary. I just hope he can sing steadily.

    Goodbye Youth: To match the action design of "Ice Rain", there is no need to do it seriously, it's too dangerous.

    62-year-old Andy Lau shed tears on stage

    As the first stop of the "Today Is The Day Andy Lau Concert Tour" in Shanghai, this concert has been long awaited by many people. Andy Lau opened the concert with "Today" and also brought classic Liu's love songs "Ice Rain" and "It's Not a Sin for a Man to Cry".

    At the concert, Andy cried several times while singing, which moved many fans.

    According to media reports, on July 1, the Hong Kong SAR government announced the list of honors and appointments of Justices of the Peace in 2024. Actor Andy Lau was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star. As early as 2004, Andy Lau had received the Medal of Honor, and in 2008 he was appointed as a non-official Justice of the Peace. In 2016, Andy Lau was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star. This time he was upgraded again and awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star.


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