The pilot of the documentary "Wuyi Mountain Our National Park" will be broadcast on November 15

    The pilot chapter of the 8K ultra-high-definition ecological humanities documentary "Wuyi Mountain Our National Park" will be jointly launched on Shanghai Dragon TV and Fujian Southeast TV on November 15. The film is a key project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television "Recording the New Era", and also a key topic planning project for the "14th Five-Year" documentary of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

    Poster of "Wuyi Mountain Our National Park"

    Wuyishan National Park is the only national park in my country that is not only a member of the World Man and Biosphere Organization, but also a world cultural and natural heritage. The first year since the establishment of Wuyishan National Park, the harmonious coexistence between man and nature has been continuously promoted: new species are constantly being refreshed, and remarkable achievements have been made in biodiversity conservation.

    The introductory chapter focuses on the beautiful and unique natural environment and many rare animals and plants, fully demonstrating the Wuyishan National Park as "the window of the world's creatures", "the paradise of birds, the kingdom of snakes, the world of insects" and "the key to the study of Asian amphibians and reptiles" .

    To Yelan

    flag lip orchid

    Sunny arm beetle

    Chong'an Turbulent Frog

    "Wang Shuo Studio" under the Shanghai Radio and Television Documentary Center, and the documentary director of Fujian Radio and Television Group, followed the expert video to present the first discovery of the flag orchid and Alishan full-lip orchid in Wuyishan National Park, with Wuyishan as the model The endemic species in China named by the place of origin, such as the Wuyi giant-legged mantis, the hanging horned toad, and the Chong'an mustard toad, as well as many rare animals such as the national second-class protected animals, the golden tortoise, the eagle owl, and the ancient relict plant tulip plant. The story of the "giant panda among birds" of the yellow-bellied pheasant courtship and hatching is also particularly attractive. In addition, the film also shows the rare snow scene in Wuyishan National Park in the middle subtropical zone in the past ten years.

    southern hemlock

    The whole film is produced in the 8K ultra-high-definition full process, which greatly improves the clarity and color gamut. It is reported that it will also be translated into multiple languages for international dissemination to show the world the beauty of China and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. The full version is divided into three 50-minute episodes and will air in 2023.

    "Wuyi Mountain · Our National Park" is the second part of the "Our National Park" series of ecological and humanistic documentaries created by Shanghai Radio and Television Documentary Center. In 2021, "Qinghai Our National Park", directed by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and produced by the Shanghai Radio and Television Documentary Center, will be jointly broadcast by several satellite TVs and won many domestic and foreign awards.


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