The Spring Festival box office broke 2 billion! The quality of Chinese blockbusters has been upgraded, "increase the volume without increasing the price"

    On the eve of the spring file, at the event of the movie "Man Jianghong", Zhang Yimou said bluntly: "Starting from the Spring Festival file this year, I hope that Chinese movies can have a take-off."

    At the beginning of the new year, cinemas did see hope.

    According to the real-time data of Beacon Professional Edition, at 10:49 on January 23, the total box office (including pre-sale) of the 2023 Spring Festival (January 21-January 27) exceeded 2 billion, and the box office of the 6 new films that have been released has all broken the box office. 100 million. The top three at the box office are: "The Wandering Earth 2", "Man Jianghong" and "No Name".

    Among the films that have already scored, "The Wandering Earth 2" and "Man Jianghong" both scored more than 8 points.

    Beacon Pro Live Data

    This year's Spring Festival films have a variety of themes, including science fiction, fantasy, comedy, spy wars, suspense, animation, and love. The expression and artistic level have also made breakthroughs compared with previous years. The audience may enter the theater attracted by genres or actors, and then gain more unexpected surprises.

    The number of people who "want to watch" is the largest, and "The Wandering Earth 2", which was the leader in the pre-sale stage, really lived up to expectations on the day of its release. Super high rating.

    "Wandering Earth 2" scores 8.3

    Guo Fan set off again with more than 20,000 people who have polished Chinese science fiction for four years. At the same time, the film was also released simultaneously in North America, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions. It can be said that the "prequel" of "The Wandering Earth" enriches the world view with a broader perspective. It is reported that the team specially invited 20 scientific consultants to form an expert team, and together with director Guo Fan, created a world view of more than 100,000 words, making the story of "The Wandering Earth 2" more solid, realistic and convincing.

    The behind-the-scenes team built 102 sci-fi main scenes, with an area of more than 900,000 square meters. 5,310 concept design drafts, 9,989 shot drawings, more than 6,000 visual effects shots, and 95,000 props and costumes. Every link has been carefully considered to turn imagination into reality.

    In terms of visual effects, the cosmic expressway space elevator crosses the sky and connects the earth and the universe; the impressive planetary engine in the previous game has been optimized by the team in all directions, with amazing details and a more magnificent momentum; the lunar engine shown for the first time is full of imagination , allowing the audience to experience "pushing away" the moon on the big screen. The improved spacesuit designed and produced by the team has more texture, and the diving suit weighing more than 80 kilograms that appeared for the first time also makes the underwater exploration plot better presented.

    Regardless of the visible visual effects, the felt atmosphere and texture of the story, or the more sci-fi ethical discussion space about artificial intelligence and digital life, "The Wandering Earth 2" has been upgraded compared to the previous one.

    Ratings of "Manjianghong" on various platforms

    The second place "Manjianghong" once took the lead in the pre-sale stage, and its first day of release was almost the same as the championship. Many audiences may have bought movie tickets for the appeal of box office actors such as Shen Teng and Yi Yanqianxi, and the film's full burden, repeated reversals, and more grand and profound expressions beyond the genre also made this film The movie received a lot of positive reviews.

    There are many elements in "Manjianghong", the style is strong and difficult to classify at the same time. Zhang Yimou said in an interview that this is a legendary story. "It is difficult for a movie to undertake the function of telling a period of history. When we decided that this is a movie released during the Spring Festival, we hoped that it would have both comedy and suspense reversal, and at the same time move the audience. "

    Director Cheng Er, Tony Leung and Wang Yibo starred in the movie "Unknown", which made many audiences see a different spy movie during the Spring Festival. Through a little-known perspective, the film shows the audience the thrilling fighting daily life of underground workers.

    Ghost director Cheng Er meticulously integrated historical themes with spy wars and suspenseful elements this time, and created a "super commercial blockbuster" with a different creative method. The non-linear narrative, the rich details buried in the thread, the tone and splendor of the little characters, and the film language full of symbols and metaphors have opened up a new direction for spy war-themed movies and added a touch to this Spring Festival file of the Year of the Rabbit. different colors.

    However, perhaps due to the non-linear narrative of "No Name", some viewers are a little bit "confused". Today, the film crew released a poster to help the audience clarify the timeline, which will help the audience understand the era and experience of the characters in the movie. mental journey.

    The last animated film "Deep Sea" with over 100 million yuan, although the film schedule is not dominant, but this film that created a new level of Chinese animation film technology and aesthetics, like "The Return of the Great Sage" seven years ago. I have received a lot of "tap water" support on the Internet. After the pre-screening, audiences in different cities applauded "spontaneously" after the show. The team spent two years developing the particle ink technology, which made the ink and wash in the three-dimensional world beautiful and moving. The plot brings the narrative of domestic animation to a deeper core. Although the schedule and pre-sales of the Spring Festival movie "Deep Sea" are not ideal, the good news that it has just been shortlisted for the Berlin International Film Festival also endorses the quality of the film from another aspect.

    In addition, the comedy "Exchanging Life" that gave new ideas to the body-changing stalk, and "Bear Infested" that is steadily and constantly expanding the narrative space also allowed many viewers to reap the happiness and warmth of the Spring Festival file suitable for family carnival scenes.

    Although the results on the first day were not as good as last year, the strong vitality brought to the film market by many high-quality films in the Spring Festival file after the epidemic is still exciting.

    According to the data analyst of Beacon Professional Edition, as of now, there have been more than 10,000 theaters in operation nationwide for 23 consecutive days, and 10,496 theaters have screened for the Spring Festival. The operating rate of theaters for the Spring Festival is expected to recover to more than 90% of last year.

    It is worth mentioning that the average ticket price for this year’s Spring Festival stalls is displayed at 55.4 yuan, which is 2.6 yuan lower than the 58.0 yuan pre-sale of the Spring Festival stalls at the same stage in 2022. It is also the first drop in average ticket prices in the past seven years since 2016. The average length of this year's Spring Festival films is the longest in previous years, and the length of leading films is very impressive. "No Name" is 128 minutes, "Man Jianghong" is 159 minutes, and "The Wandering Earth 2" has reached 173 minutes. As the number of screenings that cinemas can screen will decrease compared with previous years, the screenings of "The Wandering Earth 2" and "Man Jianghong" still exceed 50%. No price increase".


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