"Exchange Life" Shanghai New Year: The original intention of the fantasy journey is "nostalgia"

    The Spring Festival file is halfway through, and different types of films have shown their strengths, attracting audiences to enter the theater and return to the lively spiritual and cultural life.

    Directed and written by Su Lun, starring Lei Jiayin, Zhang Xiaofei, Zhang Youhao, etc., the family comedy movie "Exchanging Life" is the only fantasy comedy-themed movie in this year's Spring Festival. At present, the box office has exceeded 200 million yuan.

    As a Shanghai-produced movie, on January 24, director Su Lunkai and starring Lei Jiayin, Zhang Xiaofei, and Zhang Youhao returned to Shanghai, where it was filmed, to share with the audience the happy time behind the scenes of the movie.

    "Exchanging Lives" poster

    In the movie, under the background of the bustling big city, the warmth and friendship of the little people's family is wrapped in a fantasy and romantic story of changing body. "Exchanging Lives" tells the story of Lei Jiayin and Zhang Xiaofei who accidentally changed their bodies with the young Zhang Youhao after their blind date, unlocking the joyful experience after exchanging lives. The teenager fulfilled his wish to date the goddess Zhang Xiaofei, which was romantic and exciting. The uncle descended from the sky to his family, laughing and making noise. The uncle and the boy exchanged lives, and the sense of dislocation was full. Many of the unexpected and reasonable comedy scenes made the audience laugh constantly in the play.

    The movie "Exchange Life" Roadshow in Shanghai, from left to right: Lei Jiayin, Zhang Xiaofei, Zhang Youhao

    In the movie, Lei Jiayin's single-person family, Zhang Xiaofei's mother-daughter single-parent family, and Zhang Youhao's warm family of five. Although the three live in three completely different families, the warmth of home and the love of family are three. A shared longing deep within the individual.

    Director Su Lun shared the original intention of the film creation, "I lived in a small place when I was young, and there were few lights and very dark at night. When I was young, my grandma would often tell me a story repeatedly, telling me about the dark place. There are actually a lot of glowing bugs living in the place. Later, like many people, I went from a place with few lights to a brightly lit big city to work hard. Occasionally, I would miss the fragrance of grandma’s hot stove. Milk tea, I also think about what it would be like if I stayed in that place. But in fact, I can’t go back, just like the English title of the movie, Five Hundred Miles, is nostalgia.”

    director sullen

    "Exchanging Lives" is the second film of director Su Lun after "Cohabitation in Time and Space". Su Lun lamented that it has been 4 years since the last film, "In the past few years, I believe that many people have experienced Different encounters, no matter in bright or dark moments, home is really the most important fulcrum for me to support me to go on, and it is also an original intention of my film creation."

    During the post-screening exchange, some viewers asked the director that in the promotion of the film's official Weibo account, they saw many sweet clips of Zhang Xiaofei and Lei Jiayin dating, but in the end they did not see them in the feature film. In this regard, director Su Lun responded that the theme of the film is home, but since he likes the line of Zhang Xiaofei's mother and daughter very much, he also hopes to make some extensions in the love scene, and there is even an old-age makeup part, showing love in the protagonist The moment that once flashed in my mind is eternal.

    Stills of "Exchange Life"

    Su Lun said, "I'm still at the stage of learning and exploring, so I try to shoot as many things as possible during the shooting process, and try my best to get a little more material. In fact, those materials are very exciting. It's a pity in the later stage, really. The ones you love are the ones you want to part with, or you cut them off. If you can’t love something in particular, just expand it infinitely.”

    However, Su Lun also said that in the future, he will use the form of "extra episodes" to meet the expectations of audiences who love this movie. "In my mind, and even in everyone's expectations, they have loved each other, and they have lived their lives. We will release this content later."

    As the person involved in the love scene, Zhang Xiaofei said that the theme and expression of a movie are the most important. "I always think that Director Su Lun is very good at expressing love, and the love in this movie is like a needle thread. The characters and the three groups of families are intertwined together. In the end, in the fantasy story, everyone has reconciled, grown and harvested each other. In the end, it fell into the family relationship, which touched me very much. As an actor, I think it is already very Satisfied."

    Lei Jiayin, who is cooperating with Su Lun for the second time, said that she really made this movie a "romance movie" at the beginning. Lei Jiayin said that most of the film and television dramas she has acted in these years have been more serious. "Most of the themes I received were 'killing people for money', middle-aged confusion, and of course family and country feelings. See, it’s so weird and so cute, changing the body may change into a child, this kind of thing especially ignites me.”

    After watching the film, some viewers said, "The twilight of fireflies runs through all the time, just like the lights of a home. No matter where they go, they accompany Xiao Gu and Jin Hao, leading them forward."


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