Shanghai, Zhejiang and Beijing hold relays to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Xie Jin’s birth

    November 21, 2023, is the centenary of the birth of the famous film director Xie Jin. The series of activities commemorating the centenary of Xie Jin's birth launched in May this year will enter a new climax, including the "Salute to Xie Jin for a Centenary" commemorative ceremony, "A Centenary of Xie Jin" Documentaries, offline film festivals commemorating Xie Jin, etc., celebrities in the literary and art circles and the majority of movie fans participated to remember the master's style and inherit and carry forward Xie Jin's spirit.

    Xie Jin

    Commemorative activities were held in Shanghai and Zhejiang on the same day

    In May this year, Shanghai Filmmakers visited Xie Jin’s hometown, kicking off a series of activities commemorating the centenary of director Xie Jin’s birth. On November 20, Shanghai Film Group, Shanghai Filmmakers Association, and Shanghai Xie Jin Film Art Foundation, under the guidance of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, will host the "Tribute to Xie Jin for 100 Years" commemorative ceremony at Shanghai Fushou Garden to review the life of director Xie Jin , "Xie Jin Project" tribute to young directors and other sessions to express deep remembrance of Director Xie Jin who "worked for the people and the times" throughout his life. Leaders of Shanghai Film Group, representatives of Shanghai Film artists, representatives of Shanghai Xie Jin Foundation, representatives of Xie Jin’s relatives and friends, and representatives of artists who have collaborated with Xie Jin will attend. The commemorative ceremony will be hosted by Shanghai Film Director Representative Jiang Haiyang. Actors Zhao Jing, Zhang Zhihua, Ma Guanying and Chen Long of the Shanghai Film Actors Troupe will recite poems and send condolences from Shanghai Film to Director Xie Jin.

    On the same day, in director Xie Jin’s hometown of Shangyu, Zhejiang, a series of activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Xie Jin’s birth will be held, “Remembering Pioneers and Paying Tribute to Classics,” paying tribute to the master through youth ceremonies, expert symposiums and other activities. Director Xie Jin’s Shanghai, where he became famous and raised his family, and Shangyu, where he was born and grew up, commemorate events in the two places that echo each other, extending the love of light and shadow.

    Xie Jin Film Art Museum

    The best version of the documentary "One Hundred Years of Xie Jin" is online

    On November 13, the documentary "One Hundred Years of Xie Jin" jointly launched by Shanghai Film Group and Shanghai Xie Jin Film Art Foundation released its first trailer. The documentary starts from Xie Jin's artistic life, interviews nearly a hundred celebrities in the literary and art circles who have interacted with director Xie Jin, and connects them together into a precious memoir. Starting from November 14th, the condensed version of the documentary will be online in episodes, bringing the audience to recall Director Xie Jin.

    Trailer of "A Hundred Years of Xie Jin". (01:30)
    Speaking of Xie Jin, every interviewee has an unforgettable story. Lu Qiming, the famous film composer of Shanghai Film Festival, lamented: "He left an indelible mark on Chinese films." Shi Xiaohua, a disciple of Xie Jin and director of Shanghai Film Studio, recalled fondly: "He was not even afraid of death for this art." Starring in the movie " Zhu Xijuan, a famous actor in "The Red Detachment of Women" said with a smile: "My greatest happiness in this life is to play Wu Qionghua..."

    Director Xie Jin wrote a glorious chapter in his career in film and television at Shanghai Film Studio, and Shanghai Film Studio is also charged with the mission of inheriting Xie Jin's spirit. Wang Jian'er, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Film Group, said in the documentary: "Director Xie Jin once said that creators must have the spirit to rush forward. If they really can't rush up, they fall to the ground and make a personal ladder, allowing young people to step on the steps of their predecessors. The body continues to move forward. I would like to ask Director Xie Jin to rest assured that there is a group of young people who are following in your footsteps, and they have become the focus and targets of Shanghai Film's training in the new era."

    Xie Jin’s 100th Birthday Commemorative Film Festival Poster

    Xie Jin Film Festival held nationwide relay

    "Centennial Retrospective Exhibition" opens in Beijing on the evening of its birthday

    "The Feathered Letter", "Wrangler", "Women's Basketball Team No. 5"... Director Xie Jin's films have withstood the test of time and are still closely connected with the hearts of movie fans. Film festivals commemorating the centenary of the birth of Director Xie Jin will start from the "Salute to the Master" section of the 2023 Shanghai International Film Festival and will be held successively across the country, allowing movie fans to jointly participate in commemorating the centenary of the birth of Director Xie Jin by reviewing director Xie Jin's classics. important moment.

    Xie Jin

    On August 13, the 100-day countdown to the 100th anniversary of Xie Jin’s birth, the Shanghai Film Museum launched a national tour of Xie Jin’s classic films. After successfully traveling to Beijing and Changchun, it came to Shanghai Station - November 11 to November 21 , directed by the Shanghai Film Group and co-sponsored by the Shanghai Film Museum and the Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, the "Innocent Heart - Film Exhibition to Commemorate the Centennial of Xie Jin's Birth" screened "Women's Basketball No. 5" at the Shanghai Film Museum and Shanghai Lingang Performing Arts Center. ""Red Detachment of Women", "Stage Sisters" and other seven classic works directed by Xie Jin.

    On the evening of November 21, the centenary of Xie Jin’s birth, the “Retrospective Exhibition on the Centenary of Director Xie Jin’s Birth” jointly planned by the China Film Archive and Shanghai Film Group will open in Beijing. The retrospective will open with the Shanghai-language version of "Big Li, Xiao Li and Old Li" and screen more than ten representative films from various stages of director Xie Jin's creative career. It will also be combined with an exhibition of precious objects themed on Xie Jin's films and post-screening exchanges with experts related to Xie Jin. and other forms of memorial to Director Xie Jin.


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