Premiere丨Disney’s 100th anniversary gift “Star Wish”: Liu Yifei voiced the animation for the first time in Shitan

    On the afternoon of November 17, the 100th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Walt Disney Animation Studio and the Chinese premiere of the original animated film "Wish" were held at Shanghai Disney Resort.

    Guests attending the premiere included Zhou Shen, the singer of Disney's 100th Anniversary Animation Carnival's beloved suite "Adventure Movement", Zhang Liangying, singer of the Chinese theme song of the same name for "Star Wish", and Yu Shi, the new generation actor who voices the goat Xiao Wa in the film. , the actor Liu Yifei who voices the heroine Yasha. Together with more than a thousand movie fans present, they appreciated Disney's century-old accumulation and unveiled the mystery of "A Star's Wish", a "gift".

    From left: Yu Shi, Liu Yifei, Zhang Liangying, Zhou Shen

    The premiere kicked off with a joyful gathering of a series of classic characters created by Disney Animation Studios, including Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Prince, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, Elsa and Anna, and other sisters. Later, singer Zhou Shen appeared on the stage and sang an excerpt from Disney's 100th Anniversary Animation Carnival beloved suite "Movement of Adventure". His loud voice made the familiar music resound throughout the Walt Disney Grand Theater, immediately bringing the audience back to the moment when they were moved by those classic animation scenes. Afterwards, Zhou Shen, Zhang Liangying, Yu Shi, and Liu Yifei shared the stage with each other about their indissoluble bond with Disney and interesting behind-the-scenes stories about their participation in the creation of "Star Wish".

    Classic Disney characters gather together

    Liu Yifei once starred in Disney's live-action film "Mulan". This time she voices Asha, which is her second collaboration with Disney and her first time dubbing for animation. Asha in the film is an ordinary girl who often wears a violet dress. At yesterday's premiere, Liu Yifei also wore a violet dress. In comparison, she may have more of a Disney princess charm.

    Talking about participating in Disney's two works, Liu Yifei said, "Actually, Mulan and Asha have very similar personalities. They are both people who move forward bravely and insist on their dreams. They don't care what the people around them say." She also sent a message to the audience: "I hope that after watching this work, everyone will stick to what they love most."

    Liu Yifei

    Yu Shi, a new generation actor who became popular with "Fengshen Part 1: Chaoge Fengyun", appeared in a black and white prince look. Like Liu Yifei, this is his first time dubbing for an animated film.


    Talking about his thoughts on receiving the invitation from Disney, he said that he actually knew right away that this time he would not be voicing a human character, but a baby goat. "This makes me more interested, because I think there is quite a lot of room for development. It doesn't sound milky like everyone usually thinks. There is a contrast between its image and its voice. Its voice is still relatively deep. Although the goat is small Tile usually likes to appear dark, but in emergencies, it sometimes reveals itself, and I wanted to express this characteristic of it.”

    Liu Yifei and Yu Shitan dubbed for the first time in an animated film. Photographed by The Paper reporter Cheng Xiaoyun (01:14)
    Talking about his favorite Disney character, Zhou Shen admitted that he loved Olaf in "Frozen" the most, and even performed an imitation show on the spot. Zhang Liangying asked everyone to guess who she liked best by simulating the announcement sound on the elevator floor of the Disney Hotel, and many people passed the test. Liu Yifei said that apart from Asha in "Star Wish", her favorite is Elsa in "Frozen". Good sister Zhang Liangying on the side broke the news that Liu Yifei would also record herself singing Aisha's songs and send them to her for her to fix the notes.

    Zhou Shen

    The entire premiere ended with the Chinese theme song of the same name from "Star Wish" performed by Jane Zhang. Previously, she revealed that when she received an invitation to sing the theme song of a Disney animated movie, she did not want to just translate the lyrics rigidly according to the original English version, but she also wanted the lyrics to be close to the Chinese tonality. For this reason, she specially found the lyricist Li Cong to re-create it. .

    Jane Zhang

    On the night of the premiere celebration, the theme castle projection of Disney Animation's 100th Anniversary and the Chinese premiere of "Wish" was specially presented on the Enchanted Storybook Castle in Shanghai Disneyland. Images from Walt Disney Animation Studio's classic works spanning a century are displayed on the castle one after another, and are cleverly interspersed with the turning moments of technological innovation from flat animation to 3D animation, which echoes the image creation of "Star Wish" It creatively combines the charm of classic hand-drawn animation with CG animation.

    "Wish" is co-directed by Chris Buck, who created the "Frozen" series, and Vern Villasantoun, who worked on "Tales of the Dragon". The film tells the story of the Magic Kingdom of Rosas. Every time residents turn 18, they will give their wishes to King Manifico, who has mastered magic. The person who handed over the wish will then forget the wish, and the king will choose an opportunity to give it to a small number of residents. A dream come true. The girl Asha loved the king as much as the rest of Rosas. Seeing that her grandfather was about to turn a hundred years old, but still failed to realize his wish, she took the opportunity of interviewing the king's assistant to ask Manifico to consider it.

    "Star Wish" poster

    Unexpectedly, because Grandpa's wish did not meet the standards set by Manifico, he was rejected, but he did not agree to return the wish. Feeling deeply unfair about this, Asha made a wish to the stars, hoping that everyone would have the right to realize their wishes. So, a sprouting wishing star came to Asha. Although it could not fulfill Asha's wish, it could help her from the side. However, this angered the king. He opened the book of dark magic and gained abilities by destroying other people's wishes. Asha and her friends became wanted criminals... As for how Asha and the Kingdom of Rosas ended up in the end. After the crisis, the audience might as well wait until the film is officially released on November 24 to uncover the mystery on their own.


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