The release date of Wang Junkai's new film "Wild Child" was postponed and then withdrawn on the same day!

    The movie "Wild Child", which was announced to be advanced to July 10 at around 9 am on July 3, suddenly announced the withdrawal of the movie at 10 pm, saying that due to post-production progress reasons, the release arrangement on July 10 would be cancelled.

    Previous advance release + pre-sale poster

    The film officially started pre-sale at around 9 o'clock this morning.

    According to the Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 22:31 on July 3, the pre-sale box office of "Wild Child" has reached 5.5 million. Before the release, the media predicted that the total box office would be 350 million to 500 million.

    Data source: Lighthouse Professional Edition

    The film is directed by Yin Ruoxin, the director of "My Sister", and stars Wang Junkai, Guan Zixie, Chi Xingkai, Deng Jiajia, Chen Yongsheng and Pan Binlong. It is based on real events and tells the story of a wandering "thief" brother Ma Liang (played by Wang Junkai) who accidentally meets his "orphan" brother Xuanxuan (played by Guan Zixie). The two teenagers with similar destinies depend on each other and build a small family.

    The film company's withdrawal announcement is as follows↓↓

    “To all the families who care about Wild Child:

    Due to post-production reasons, the film "Wild Child" will cancel the release schedule on July 10. We would like to express our sincerest apologies to our colleagues at various film management and theater chains and all our audience friends. Thank you all for your warm support during this period.

    We will actively coordinate with the ticketing platform and cinemas to ensure that everyone's ticket refunds are properly handled. Audiences who purchased tickets through Tao Piao Piao, Maoyan and other platforms do not need to make any other operations, and the ticket money will be automatically refunded to everyone's account within a certain period. Users who purchased tickets through other channels, please contact the original channel for a refund.

    In the days to come, please remember to 'grow up well'.

    I believe we will see each other again, pinky promise!

    The movie Wild Child

    July 3, 2024"


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