Since this year, the national movie box office has exceeded 50 billion yuan

    Data released by the National Film Administration shows that as of November 14, the national movie box office in 2023 has exceeded 50 billion yuan, with 1.179 billion moviegoers. In the national movie box office in 2023, the box office of domestic films reached 41.989 billion yuan, accounting for 83.98%. As of now, there are 58 films with a box office of over 100 million yuan in 2023. Among them, the top ten box office films are all domestic films, each with a box office of more than 1 billion yuan. Domestic films are favored by more and more audiences, and the prosperity of the domestic film market fully reflects the growing cultural confidence of Chinese audiences.

    The 50 billion yuan box office is inseparable from the outstanding contributions of several major periods this year. During this year’s Spring Festival, films with rich themes and diversified genres such as "River Red" and "The Wandering Earth 2" provided audiences with diverse choices. The box office of Spring Festival movies was 6.758 billion yuan, ranking second in the same period in film history, which greatly boosted the Industry confidence; during the May Day holiday, there was an adequate supply of movies with rich and diverse themes, and the box office reached 1.519 billion yuan; summer releases include "Thirty Thousand Miles from Chang'an", "Fengshen Part 1: Chao Ge Fengyun", "Desperate" and many more This outstanding domestic film inspired the audience's enthusiasm for watching movies. During the period, the box office reached 20.619 billion yuan, and the number of moviegoers was 505 million, both breaking historical records for the same period; National Day movies such as "Volunteers: Attack" and "Sturdy as a Rock" contributed to the box office in total. 2.734 billion yuan, with 65.1 million moviegoers. The market performance of domestic films reflects the remarkable results of the high-quality development of Chinese films.

    At the same time, creating "weekend slots" for movies is becoming an important way to continue to stimulate market vitality and increase the overall box office. At the 24th National Film Promotion Conference and the First National Film Fair, the off-line distribution of Chinese films was officially launched. Next, more excellent small and medium-cost films will meet the audience. The Chinese film market is welcoming New opportunities.


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